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Small Manufacturers in Britain: Can they be the Universal Saviors?

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More investment in England’s car industry and the confidence developed over the country’s economic outlook has triggered optimism among England’s small scale manufacturers. As a result, job seekers may see tens of thousands of employment opportunities soon.

A new survey with 900 plus companies across Britain found that companies predict a 64% increase in the overall turnover. They also predict staffing levels to increase by a third in the next 4 years. Manufacturing Advisory Service (an organization funded by the government) revealed that its group of small manufacturers were focused on developing business at home and not looking to export for better growth levels. More than two-thirds of them have identified that focusing in the domestic market can be more fruitful.

The survey also stressed on the fact that shortage of skills and talent could be the biggest challenge. However manufacturers expressed confidence on the short-term outlook with respect to sales, investment measures, jobs and future growth.

The positive developments

As Steven Barr, Head of MAS, pointed out - there is a significant optimism shown in the domestic marketplace today and that is a strong signal that a recovery is taking place. The UK automotive sector is witnessing strong investment, which in turn is cascading down the supply chain and making new job opportunities.

According to MAS, small manufacturers look to hire more people which could translate into several thousand new jobs. 55% of firms want to recruit and create fresh job, a new record according to the survey.

There was another report that showed job creation in the manufacturing industry is at a 6-year record high, thanks to the manufacturing hubs in the East and West Midlands.

All is not well though

ManpowerGroup - the recruitment firm, said employers across other sectors were slowing down their hiring process for the fourth quarter of 2014.

James Hick, MD of Manpower Group Solutions, said job market in UK has seen big boom in 2014. Job creations are mounting at its highest level since 1971. However, there is a doubt on whether this phenomenal job creation rate can be maintained. The average hiring rates in the fourth quarter is definitely a cause of concern.

While the economy of UK is pretty strong, there are few concerns that employers are cautious about. The recovery of Eurozone is stalling and this is a period of political uncertainty due to various factors like the coming of general election and the Scottish Independence referendum.

Can small manufacturers be the universal saviors across the globe?

There is no doubt about the fact that the development of technology and its ability to take over manpower is a big cause of worry in the days to come. The world might soon witness robots working everywhere, which means shortage of jobs for a common man.

Until that happens, every bit of positive news in the job industry will be welcomed with red carpet. The fact that small scale manufacturers are creating jobs is a very positive sign. But only time will tell what impact it can make on the global market.

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