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Sneaky Bosses: How Interviewers Spy on You

Imagine a website that is an accumulation of all your indiscretions and foibles. Pretty terrifying isn’t it? Well, you know what is even more terrifying? The fact that social media websites are exactly that. If you don’t have your privacy settings on lock down anyone that ‘friends’, you will see you in some pretty compromising situations. If it’s some random stranger so be it but what if it’s a perspective boss that is looking at your not-so-sexy pictures? Here is how interviewers sneakily spy on you.

Using social media to get answers to questions they’d get sued for asking

In most of the civilized world religion, sexual orientation and political ideologies aren’t influencing factors for job interviewers [boisterous laughter]. Discrimination due to the aforementioned factors is such a problem that many governments had to flat-out outlaw questions that involve information of that nature.

That doesn’t mean that potential employers don’t have a more than a healthy curiosity about their candidates’ religion, sexual orientation, and political views though. They satisfy that curiosity by scouring your social media until they find something gleefully incriminating. So if you’re photographed enjoying an illegal Cuban cigar while rocking your Che Guevara t-shirt in a gay-friendly smoking lounge it could be used against you.


77% of Employers use social media to screen job applicants. You’re probably thinking: “Big Deal!”, but what if I told you it cost you a job or two, 69% of all employers have rejected candidates because of things found on their social media. Recent research shows that users saying that they were Muslim on their profiles had 17% fewer call backs nationally.

Social Media Private Eyes

There are actually companies, such as Social Intelligence, that get hired to search candidates’ social media accounts for illegal, racist or violent behavior. Luckily you took down that photo that showed you urinating off the Rocky Statue while smoking a questionable looking cigarette before you applied for the Marketing job at the Vatican.


Ladies and gentlemen I would like to introduce you to the most subjective word in the world! Step right up and see how it can be changed and switched to fit any social moré!


There is a strange cult like group of people out there that actually doesn’t like themselves or others to drink, I know it’s completely crazy, but it exists. That person would consider a picture with friends and alcohol on a table inappropriate. On the other hand, an employer that enjoys a couple of nips after work could deem that you are social and well rounded.

Obscenity or course language

Some people will readily take offense to the word ‘damn’ for others it takes a little more, well let’s say linguistic color to put them off (as in colorful language, do I have to spell everything out?). You’re stuck in traffic one hot August Day, your sweaty and frustrated. You pull out your phone and write: “Good God, the traffic is horrible.” You just took the Lord’s name in vain, and your ultra-puritan interviewer sees it. Guess what? Not only are you going to get the: “The Lord saveth thou” speech you’re also going to get rejected because of GOD! Well for using the word God at least.

Have you used social media to spy on someone (your ex doesn’t count)? Did it influence your decision to hire or not a candidate? Then let us know in the comment section below.

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