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So You Have a Liberal Arts Degree: Job Opportunities for the Humanities

Well my friend you got a degree in the History of Fancy Dress and Pageantry in Post Renaissance Italy. Sure, you’re well versed in corsets and their variations from 1300-1450, but you’re having a heck of a time trying to find a real world application for your degree. It doesn’t help that you show up in a tricorne hat and cod-piece to interviews (in no dimension or reality could you pay me enough to google image the word “cod-piece” just use your imagination). Not all is lost though. Here are some careers to implement your Liberal Arts degree.

Caffeinated drink chemist

Look, I know this is the most over used, tired and old cliché when it comes to Liberal Arts graduates. But you have to appreciate the comical tragedy of a barista that can analyze the connection between Friedrich Nietzsche and the nihilism of atheism. Said Philosophy major can also sling a mean cappuccino with a unicorn drawing in the foam.


Instructional Coordinator

From a job where you would never utilize your knowledge to a profession that will have you flexing your mind muscle like a bodybuilder at a competition. Stop slathering self-tanner on yourself, that’s not a requirement here. You will be consulting and reviewing material to better curriculum at an educational institution. The average wage floats around $60.000 per annum so you’ll even be able to squeeze a cruise to Cabo into your budget.

Gaming Managers

Put down the PS4 controller and take off the Super Mario shirt (what are you 11?) we’re not talking about that type of gaming. We are talking about the rough and tumble world of gambling. Granted the most violence you’ll see now-a-days is a frustrated granny slowly shuffling away from the slot machines in a tizzy. The salary more than makes up for that professional hazard though. Although an L.A. Degree isn’t required it’s definitely a plus. Flaunt your ability to recite F. Scott Fitzgerald, some of the elderly clients might have even actually had drinks with him!

Talent Agent

You don’t have enough talent in your field of discipline to make a living? That’s not a problem because you can leech off of people that actually do have a God-given gift. If you have the gift of gab and are a proficient schmoozer (networker and flatterer) you are well on your way to representing someone with tons more talent than you! Concentrate on something close to your expertise to avoid doing a disservice to you or your client/s. If you meet all these requirements, you can schmooze your way into a cool 80.000 dollar a year.

Drug Dealer/Pusher

Not the type of drug dealer. Take the Heisenberg hat off and listen, this deal could make you a cool 100.000 dollars. Take it easy there Scarface, that’s per year. A pharmaceutical sales rep visits doctors and promotes a drug company’s products. If you strive in a competitive environment and like money (come on crazy, who doesn’t), then this job would be a perfect fit. Added benefit? No car bombs, drive by shootings or kidnappings involved. Just some wholesome good old fashion drug peddling.

Are you a successful Liberal Arts degree graduate? How did you use or not use your degree to get the perfect job? Let us know and help a fellow L.A. graduate with your sage advice. 

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