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Social Media Resume? Forget that - Here’s an Instagram Job Offer

We’ve all heard the success stories. How a graduate got hired through Facebook, or how a professional got headhunted via LinkedIn. With reports showing that 92% of hiring managers are using social media to hire candidates, it is no surprise that so many candidates are being picked up online. Job seekers are going above and beyond to catch the recruiter’s attention in the online paradigm, but with fierce competition, this task is becoming increasingly difficult.

One company caught hogged the spotlight last month by doing something completely different - offering a job to a candidate via Instagram. Not only is Instagram one of the few social networks that is thought to be limited, but it is also one that is not as widely used as it’s siblings Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn - especially when it comes to recruitment.

Tech marketing firm ePrize showed stepped aside from the norm and made headlines in the social media industry by offering their intern a job through a photo post on Instagram. Not only is this one of the most unique ways to offer a candidate a job, but it also shows what an awesome company culture they have.  Janice Pollard, the digital marketing and public relations leader for the company went on record to state:

“We used Instagram because Samantha is highly engaged on this platform, and we’ve watched her work progress over her senior year in college through her photos”

The innovative use of Instagram has raised some eyebrows in the industry. Is it really a professional way to offer someone a job? The answer here is obvious: It depends on the situation and industry. I don’t see the next CEO of Barclays being announced via Instagram - but this is not the last we hear of the social media job offer, for sure.

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