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Social Security Program in Ukraine

The Ministry of Social Policy in Ukraine directs the Social Security Program within the country. This covers a range of benefits, these include: maternity, sickness, old-age, survivors, disable persons, work injury, family allowances and unemployed persons. Some of these are outlined below:


All employed individual in Ukraine are entitled to sickness and maternity leave according to the 2001 laws governing the social insurance and social assistance system. The social security benefits are paid out to individuals from the contributions made to the system.

Maternity benefit: mothers are entitled to 100% of their average monthly income for the period that they are on leave.

Child care benefit: paid to mothers on a monthly basis for their children until they are 3 years old.


The regulatory framework was first established in 1922, with laws being amended in 1993, 1996, 2003, 2004 and 2005. The social insurance and social assistance program covers all citizens, foreigners and stateless individuals who are working under the labor agreements in Ukraine. This includes self employed individuals, and civil servants, legislators, judges, diplomats, journalists, local governors and scientists.

Old-age pension – Men aged 60, with 25 years of coverage, and women aged 55, with 20 years of coverage. Contributions are paid to individuals based on the employment periods they have been paid for. This includes years spent in higher education, armed services, caring for disabled persons and being unemployed.

Care-givers allowance – individuals are paid a certain allowance in the event that they provide care to persons older than age of 80.

Social pension – Men (age 63) and women (age 58) are provided with a supplemented social pension.

Funeral Grant – the government pays a funeral grant for the funeral procession of an employee, student, unemployed individual, pensioner or military employee. 

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