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Some Promising Jobs of the Future: Be Prepared

While seeking a career in an emerging field might seem like a gamble to the more stolid and responsible souls among us; the truth is that progress is never accomplished without some degree of risk. New careers, especially in the fields of science and technology, are growing at a rate never seen before. It’s time to invest in the future and be part of the brave new world.

Some areas show more promise than others. Biomedical engineering, for example, is the bridge between medicine and engineering that can only serve to advance healthcare in many aspects. It is predicted that this field is likely to grow at a rate of more than 60% over the course of the next decade, producing a high demand for these engineers and a pay growth rate of 82%.

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was developed in the last decade as a response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Since its inception, this field has grown to include a staff of more than 170,000 employees. Universities have responded to the need for this type of training by creating more than 300 homeland security courses, 75 of which so far offer undergraduate degree programs.

Nanotechnology concerns the cosmos of atoms and nanostructures and is a very new area of scientific endeavor. Despite this, a degree in this field cannot fail because it crosses over to other related fields such as the physical sciences, biophysics, physics, chemistry and biochemistry. Projections for this industry over the course of the next year alone are expected to reach $2.4 trillion globally. It is also estimated that by the year 2020, nearly two million workers within the United States will be working in this field.

The demand for computer related careers has increased dramatically during the last ten years. Computer Science, Digital Forensics and Cyber Security are exciting fields that can help convict criminals of all types, including terrorists, sexual predators and hackers.  This field has an estimated job growth rate of 24.6 % through the year 2020 and an anticipated pay growth rate of 73%.

The world of game design has opened up multiple avenues for those who love technology and are also creative. Designers are involved in all aspects of the game, which must connect and interact like pieces in a puzzle. Projected revenue in the game design industry for the next year alone is estimated to reach more than $82 billion globally.

It is estimated that there will be thousands of job openings for software systems developers by the year 2022. Their expertise will be required in diverse industries and the need will keep expanding as technology advances. Environmental engineering is a growing industry integrating technology with sustainability. This field is expected to grow 21.9 % through the year 2020 and offers expected work increases of more than 71%

In conclusion, explore emerging fields in your area of expertise and preference. Tomorrow’s world will be diverse and complicated but perhaps not totally unexpected. Dare to take a risk? Prepare for your future today. If you don't, who will?

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