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Sourcing Elusive Jobs to Fill in Times of Recession

We all love a booming economy. Employment opportunities are everywhere, and your stress levels are principally affected by sourcing the right candidate as quickly as you can to keep your client happy. It’s an enjoyable kind of pressure, and it is all too enticing to allow ourselves to believe the good times will never end. But they always do, and you are left with the burdensome task of sourcing vacancies from a dwindling pool of clients for an escalating number of candidates. So what can we do to try to add more roles to fill to our books?

Here are my ‘3 R’s to get the ball rolling and rebuild your resources…

#1 Review

Go back through your old client list and start contacting them all. Ensure you contact them with a personal phone call at a convenient time and arrange to have a discussion or a meeting with them if you can. If you have not already enquired as to why they stopped using your services, now is the time to investigate what can be bettered in your customer relations.

You will not be able to win back every client; some may have gone out of business, moved careers, or no longer have the budget, or desire, to use your services any longer. However, you may be provided with remarkable feedback that you can use to identify weaknesses and improve your business model. At best you can win back an old client, or more, through determination and commitment to do what you can to cultivate a mutually beneficial partnership once more.

#2 Research

Start looking at company websites. As recession takes hold, companies that are actively hiring often move their recruiting in-house to save money. You need to compile a list of companies that are hiring by dedicating as much time as you can spare to research. Compile a detailed list and spread your scrutiny as wide as you can. You are only limited here on how much time and effort you put into investigating these companies.

  • Then get on the phone and start selling yourself and your services
  • Be prepared for rejection because you will get it
  • Take it graciously and stay pleasant at all times
  • Ensure that you have a tempting offer for them
  • Remind them that you have access to an extensive talent pool with candidates qualified to fill the role immediately, and of all the reasons that you will effectively save them both time and money

#3 Retain

The old adage that it costs far more to find new clients than it does to keep the clients you have, is a principle we should never forget. Dedicate time to ensuring that everyone currently using your recruitment services continues to do so especially whilst you are apportioning a significant amount of your time to finding new clients. You cannot afford to let your level of customer service with your existing clients decline. Ensure that contact is maintained to the degree you always provide and allocate time to make sure they are happy and receiving the attention they deserve.

There is no easy way to increase your client base in this competitive and difficult economic environment, and you will need all of the poise and determination that has made you an expert in recruiting to succeed. You wouldn’t still be in this business if you did not have what it takes to overcome these challenges.

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