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How to Stand out From the Crowd as a Graduate

Graduates and young job seekers were the worst affected during the global economic recession and, despite the fact that in many countries across the globe the situation is showing signs of improvement, this group of job seekers continue to struggle the most.

The current market is extremely competitive and, for every graduate vacancy available, at least 80 applications are made. More than half of UK graduates are unemployed or working in unskilled jobs until they find professional employment. Times have changed dramatically for young job seekers as, gone are the days when you could chop and change jobs at your own convenience.

In today’s market, the name of the game is competition, and learning how to stand out from the crowd is crucial if you are to achieve employment success.

Demonstrate your capabilities

Rather than just sending your CV and cover letter, find other ways to show your worth. Attach examples of your work to your application, including product designs, marketing campaigns and other initiatives.

Set up a blog or website that engages in your passion. This way, recruiters can easily access examples of your work and learn more about who you are as a job seeker. This also demonstrates how practical and applied you are in your search for employment.

Gain experience

Aim to gain as much experience as possible in your chosen area of interest. For example if you want to work in the fashion industry, get involved in as many ways as you can. Gain work experience, which will enable you to attend fashion events such as catwalk shows and galas. This way you will be networking with all the right people and be proactively engaging in the industry of your interest.

Make your application unique


Avoid sending a generic CV and cover letter. Consider break the mould of a traditional CV by using attention grabbing vocabulary and catchy sentences. Spice up your sentences making them interesting and appealing to recruiters. Alternatively you can create an infographic or online CV application using sites like Pinterest, Facebook or YouTube to produce something distinctive and unique. 

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