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CVS / APR. 18, 2013
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Stand Out from the Crowd Using your Executive CV

When applying for an executive level job, it is advised to carefully consider the format and structure of your CV. This is the single most important document, along with the cover letter, that determines the success of a candidate’s job application to a company. Therefore, it is imperative that candidates take the time and make the effort to construct a CV that mirrors their skills and experiences in the best possible structure.

The following are some tips to create an executive CV that stands out from the crowd:

Professional Structure

Make sure that your CV is presented in a structure that is user-friendly, readable and relevant to your abilities. For example, an individual who has a number of years of experience in the marketing industry will mention their experiences before they state their qualifications, whilst someone with professional qualifications but limited experience will focus more attention towards their education.

By using an internationally recognized structure for your CV, candidates are able to present their abilities and experiences in a uniform and organized structure. A number of international recruiters tend to favor clean-cut and comprehensive CVs over cluttered and overly-creative ones, the main reason for this is that simple CVs are easier to assess in comparison with complex ones.

Tailored to Job Vacancy

When applying for a job vacancy, it is important to tailor your CV to specifically correspond with the requirements and description of the job. Executives are advised to highlight relevant experiences and present those experiences in the first half of their CV to keep the recruiter engaged.

Tailor your CV to incorporate important keywords that demonstrate the required skills and qualifications as specified in the job post. Do not undermine the use of keywords within your CV as employers tend to skim read CVs for buzz words and important skills.

Up-to-date Information

A number of professionals often forget to update their CV. This is one of the main reasons why they fail to succeed in landing their dream job. Without updating your CV, candidates disadvantage themselves as it demonstrates less of their skills and experiences. It is advised to include information relating to promotions, additional responsibilities and achievements within your CV, to comprehensively showcase your abilities and experiences.

Failure to update your CV can have detrimental effects on the job application as it offers the employer an incomplete picture of your capabilities and competencies. By regularly updating your CV you can ensure that it does not lack information that is relevant to career opportunities and advancement.


The last stage of ensuring that your CV stands out from the rest is to proofread it. By ensuring that the CV contains no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors, candidates are able to showcase their communication and writing skills to the employer.

Recruiters tend to disregard CVs that have poor spelling and grammatical errors without any second thought. Therefore it is important to proofread your CV for minor errors and typos before you send your job application.

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