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How to Start a Business Security Consultancy

In the past two years alone, there have been an incredible amount of breaches, infiltrations and vulnerabilities with security systems belonging to some of the biggest names in the economy, including Wal-Mart, Target and United Parcel Service (UPS). Business security is not only important, but has become the only means of survival for numerous private enterprises.

Computer experts, tech professionals and entrepreneurs are noticing an opportunity: business security consultancy. This professional seeks out and identifies security threats and assists their clients in defending against them with cost effective measures and solutions. There is high demand for business security consultants, and this is also a highly lucrative venture for novice entrepreneurs.

First-time startup costs can be quite minimal as these professionals utilize their skills and expertise rather than spending an immense sum on general business costs. In addition, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), a business specializing in this area could generate six-figure incomes.

With so many companies and public agencies looking to enhance their computer and Internet security, consultancy can offer a profitable career moving ahead. Here are five ways to start a business security consultancy firm.


The staff members as well as the owner of the business security consultancy company should be astute in information technology, computer science and perhaps engineering. Team members should also maintain a number of professional certifications, such as Certified Security Consultant (CSC), Certified Protection Professional (CPP) or Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). If clients see an incredible list of degrees and certifications they’ll be more inclined in tapping the services of this company.


A business security consultancy firm should maintain an immaculate website that is quite advanced and detailed with a list of services, prices and contact information. Instead of just launching a WordPress website or generic blog, the web portal should be up-to-date, professional and forward.


What type of services should this business offer? There are various services that this firm should provide to the customer in order to keep up and perhaps stay ahead of the competition. Here are just some of the services that should be listed:

-  Assess and identify security threats to the clients’ organizations.

-  Produce or rewrite the companies’ security policies and plans.

-  Advise on the solution to current security procedures, defenses and processes.

-  Outline a security budget, crisis and asset management

-  Perform investigations of employees and offer security training to staff.


Although it may be ignored at the initial establishment of a business security consultancy enterprise, business owners should sign up for professional indemnity insurance and public liability insurance. This move will help protect the company from problems and possible damages and refrain from being held accountable for persistent issues clients experience.

Generic business skills

You may be an expert when it comes to business security, but you’ll also need an array of business skills, such as accounting, marketing, organizing and, if applicable, hiring. All business security entrepreneurs need to maintain a set of rudimentary skills to keep a business afloat so be sure to perform due diligence.

The business security industry is fast paced, intricate and profitable. With identity thefts and security breaches occurring on a daily basis and costing the economy billions of dollars every year, these experts are needed now more than ever. Perhaps your business security consultancy firm will be at the forefront of this cutting edge sector.

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