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JOB SEARCH / JUL. 22, 2013
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Start your Job Search off on the Right Foot!

Finding a job is tricky at the best of times, and without a proper job searching action plan in place, you can find yourself getting nowhere fast in securing a job. 2013 is your time to shine and as such, it is important that you implement a watertight job seeking plan to get you from a to b in the most time efficient and cost effective way possible.

Here are some helpful job searching tips to get you off to the right start in 2013!

#1 Prepare a job search strategy – this will help you to stay focused and to keep up with your daily and weekly job seeking targets

#2 Redraft your resume with the most up to date information and then tailor it for each job you apply for

#3 Commit to sending job applications at least 2 times per week

#4 Follow up your applications with an email if you have not heard back within 2 weeks

#5 Sign up with online recruitment agencies and job boards. This means you will receive daily or weekly email notifications when vacancies become available that meet your specific needs

#6 Get active on social media sites to promote your employability! Keep your posts professional and relevant to the job you want

#7 Subscribe to industry magazines and trade journals to keep up to date with the latest industry vacancies as they arise

#8 Make it a habit to read your local newspaper for the jobs section

#9 Attend as many career fairs and industry events as you can, not only will this help you to expand your network of contacts but it could potentially lead to a job

#10  Link your LinkedIn profile to your resume for extra impact, and import your resume to your LinkedIn profile to show your skills and areas of expertise to potential new employers

It is important that you develop a thorough and realistic job seeking plan in order to meet your career goals as without such a plan, you may find it hard to succeed in landing yourself an interview in 2013. You must bear in mind that this year will be a competitive one for many job seekers and professional seeking to change their careers, and so it is vital that you are always on you’re a-game and are ready to sell yourself as an ideal employee as and when you need to!



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