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How to Stay Ahead of Competition in Your Job Search


Without a doubt, the current economic situation has made it even more difficult for jobseekers to find a job. Today’s competitive job market requires that you stand up, make your voice heard and effectively present yourself as the most suitable candidate! This means that you really need to put yourself out there and go the extra mile as you search for a job, which is no hard work if you know how to do it.

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Check out the following tips that will help you stand out and get noticed by potential employers:

#1 See Everything as An Opportunity

Attitude is everything. If you let every setback get in your way, then you start moving backwards. This is not only hindering your chances of getting hired, but also makes you feel lost and hopeless. So, be an encourager instead of a complainer and look at each problem as an opportunity. When you are being interviewed, show that you are someone who is a true leader and influences other people. Provide solutions rather than just pointing out the problems and show employers that you are a valuable asset to their company.                                                                                                                             

#2 Introduce Yourself

Now more than ever, networking is essential. Many people forget the importance of networking, so they mistakenly believe it is not as important as sending your CV. On the contrary, connecting with other professionals within the industry is actually a very effective way of getting the job you want. Provided that you know who you want to work for and why you want to get that job, you need to be working in that direction. Practice networking with a purpose in order to see how much you can achieve if you just focus on that one thing. Research and contact key professionals within the industry or better yet the company you’re interested in and take the initiative to introduce yourself.

#3 Do Things Differently

Perhaps the most effective way to differentiate yourself is to do what other candidates are not doing when applying for a job. While this depends on each case, a phone call or a visit to the company to request for more information can even give you the lead.  This is all about going the extra mile, letting employers know you are there and that you are really interested in working for them. Think about alternative ways that you can show your interest in the job and be creative; make your CV design stand out or send a supporting letter that explains how you meet the requirements in more detail.

#4 Develop your personal brand

In order to ensure employers will remember you, you have to build a strong personal brand. Create a unique signature, a personal statement or even a logo that’s memorable and include it in your CV! Since personal branding is what essentially differentiates you from the competition it will help you stand out from the crowd while showing your creativity and influencing recruiters to finally pick up the phone and call you in for an interview!

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The secret to staying ahead of the competition is to never settle for second best. As you can see promoting yourself effectively is not too difficult, but requires a certain amount of commitment on your behalf and putting forth your best effort!

How can you ensure you are always ahead of the competition? Let us know in the comment section below!

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