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Stay Organized with These Online Goal Tracking Tools


Business owners, entrepreneurs and employees are extremely busy these days. One major way to accomplish anything of value is to write out your immediate, short-term and long-term goals. Once you write them out, you need to actually put an action plan into place and complete your goals. One problem with realizing goals is that many people lose sight of them and get off track from their action plan. Utilizing the online goal tracking tools discussed in this article will help you to stay organized.

WeekPlan is a free online service which allows you to set a weekly goal list as well as a daily task list. You can even schedule long-term goals. The main objective with this resource is to continually keep your long-term goal in mind. Weekplan.net is an “opinionated” planner which assists users in being productive so they’re not working on the wrong things.

43Things is an online community of 3 million users where people can list their goals and share their progress. It’s a motivating tool because other users can cheer you on and encourage you to stay focused on your goals. 43Things.com is the world’s largest goal setting community. There is also a feature to set reminders for your goals.

42Goals offers both free and premium membership plans. It is a simple, no install, web-based application which takes less than a minute to set up. Users can track their daily goals and utilize the log to keep track of their daily activities. 42Goals.com offers a great system for users to visualize their achievements. They also offer a “Quantified Self App.”  

Stickk is an interesting online resource for helping you to stick to your goals. Users sign up and set their goals along with a timeframe to reach the target. What is distinctive about this service is that users select a goal. Set the stakes (money is optional, not required). They appoint a referee who is a trusted support to help monitor progress. Users can also add friends and other users to provide support and encouragement during their goal keeping journey.

Don’t break the Chain utilizes the productivity technique used by one of my favorite stand-up comedians, Jerry Seinfeld. You can read more about the technique in his Lifehacker article. The online goal tracking tool allows users to mark certain days on their calendars for goal setting. For example, you can pick one day each week where you plan to accomplish some goals. This creates a “visual chain” throughout the month. According to Seinfeld, this technique motivates users to work harder to accomplish goals so they don’t “break that chain.” Interesting concept!

GetGoaling is a simple and effective online goal tracking tool. Basically, users set goals and plan specific actions to accomplish them. The best feature of this system is that users can track how much progress they are making by the volume of action completed by the “due date.” The system considers each successful action as a “hit” and unsuccessful ones as a “miss.” You can also share these goals and action plans with your friends. The accountability factor makes this online resource tool a winner.

Goal-Buddy utilizes a simple goal tracking system to create a motivation and accountability factor to help users realize their goals. Basically, users set goals. Learn to build new habits and manage their tasks. Users also have access to the “Wisdom Store” where they receive discounts on motivational products like audio, CD’s, DVD’s, downloads etc.

There are various ways to keep on track with your goals. However, with technology today many of these ways can be found online with resource tracking tools. Keeping track of your goals and the progress you’re making is the main way to succeed and accomplish great things. If you create goals and don’t revisit them weekly, you will have less success in completing those goals. Success is all about keeping your goals constantly in the forefront of your mind.


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