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How to Stay Productive Despite Acute Holiday Laziness

One thing about holidays is that they can really affect your knack for hard work. Take Christmas holidays for instance where we get a chance to live lavish lives WITHOUT WORKING. We get to live in this utopia of spending so much without reciprocating that with work. There are also holidays that extend our weekends. These can range from national holidays to international commemorations. And though it’s good to have a well-deserved break, one thing is certain...

Your schedule gets interrupted

Some people operate better with routine. From Monday to Monday, there are activities specifically designed for each particular day.

  • But what happens when a holiday catches you off-guard and you never included it in your calendar?
  • This means that a load of work is left unfinished. That being said, there are serious implications involved especially if that unfinished workload extends to several days of a holiday.

It’s just like the Christmas holidays. Most of us stop working on the 24th of December presumably. And then in January, you find this unfinished load of work that wasn’t catered for from the 24th of December to 2nd January. This pile of unfinished business cannot be dealt with if...

Your momentum tends to subside with holidays

Holidays can, at times, give us the illusion that we’re permitted to overindulge without any consequences.

  • For instance, many don’t feel like they’ve lived the holiday experience unless they really spoil themselves. This can range from binge drinking to holiday travels and other excesses.
  • What happens later is that one is likely to experience a wide range of physical, emotional and psychological hangovers.
  • If the holiday experience captivated your soul, then you’ll find yourself constantly reminiscing and neglecting your work duties.
  • The same applies for excessive physical overindulgence through binge eating and drinking.
  • You might be forced to call in sick or worse, you might have a medical condition that interrupts your work performance for days or even months to come.

Speaking of performance....

You tend to Neglect your Personal Affairs

The interruption of your schedule and momentum can extend to your personal life as well.

  • For instance, if you cook for yourself on most occasions, then you’ll find yourself eating out more often.
  • Your house might also get more untidy and your laundry will really pile up especially for those that usually spend their holidays in a holiday resort where everything is catered for.

In essence, you’ll have quite a hard time re-adjusting to your normal life after having experienced a thrilling and relaxing utopia...

That being said, how then does one stay productive despite acute holiday laziness?

#1 Have some motivating reminders at the back of your mind 

For many people, holidays are like the perfect gateways to paradise. Once you get to there, it’s so hard to let go. The experience is so alluring that you want to stay there for the rest of your life. That of course is simply an unrealistic notion. So the best thing would be to remind yourself that this is a reward for all the toiling and hard work you’ve endured throughout the year. This makes hard work the facilitating factor for your heavenly experience. So go to work with a reward mentality and by doing so, you’ll always have the motivating incentive at the back of your mind to keep you going. But still, there is another angle to this...

#2 Consider the Dire Consequences of extending your Acute Holiday Laziness
As I mentioned earlier, holidays tend to create this perfect utopia that doesn’t have any consequences. The problem with real life however is that there are indeed consequences that will come with extending your perfect utopia experience.

  • Not working means that your job is at risk and so you might get fired abruptly for neglect.
  • Moreover, if you don’t work, then you don’t get paid which means unpaid bills will begin to pile up and before you know it, you become too broke to spoil yourself with a holiday experience in the first place.
  • This utopia can also extend to personal matters and your life becomes totally disoriented and disorganized.

So there’s no other option really except to get your act together and start working pronto.

#3 Constantly remind yourself of your resolutions

The last thing you want is to interrupt your resolutions progress over the years with acute holiday laziness. In any case, your resolutions might be the main reason behind your current holiday experience. Maybe a few years ago, you couldn’t afford the holiday excesses you indulge in at the moment. And you couldn’t be at the present moment unless some resolutions were put into play. So really, you can’t afford to lose that resolution momentum by being undisciplined and entertaining laziness. Better still, if you’re the kind that habitually neglects their resolutions, then this year might actually be the perfect turnaround despite its sloppy start.

I must admit though, I’m also a habitual victim of this circumstance and I’m sure that you wouldn’t be reading this unless you’re going through the same as well. That being said, I hope you’ll follow my advice and share your problem with someone that’s going through the same. That way, you’ll motivate each other to overcome any symptoms of acute holiday laziness you might be experiencing at the moment. As Robert Half once said, "Laziness is a secret ingredient that goes into failure. But it is only kept a secret from the person who fails."

Sourced Image: Huffington Post

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