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SALARIES / OCT. 05, 2014
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How to Stick to your Passionate Career Despite Meager Pay

For many of us in the career world today, money is the major prerogative. In a material world riddled with sophisticated tastes and frequent economic upheavals, many would understandably go for that well paying lucrative job despite the fact that it doesn’t rhyme with their true passion. On the flip side however, we’ve got those who’ve decided to follow their passion no matter what. Their finances are always stretched by the fact that they live pay cheque to pay cheque, but that won’t stifle their quest to stick to their passionate careers. Yes, their logic is largely condemned and discouraged by the conforming majority. And at times, business is so bad that they realise no profits at all. But one thing’s for sure...

They’ve got the guts to be different
Forget the common rhetoric that people usually pass around regarding how they’re passionate about their careers. To be honest, most of them find it quite convenient to put on a superficial look and maintain that consistent income than confront the real issues. It’s like in public relations where one is supposed to put on this business smile and look good in spite of the challenges they face behind the scenes.

So first appearance can be deceiving actually, and in fact, the majority do it to keep the convenient ball rolling. From going to college to getting a job to the overall career rat race, it’s the usual conforming tactics to safeguard one’s WELL PAYING career in spite the fact that it’s neither passionate nor fulfilling. But even confronting that issue in itself takes guts, and if you lack that then...

You can blame no one but yourself
Quite frankly, there’s no honour in cowardice no matter how you put it. For instance, many would gladly compromise on their passionate career principles for material gain. While some would say that fear is ’useful’, others allude to the fact that it’s better to be safe than sorry. Well, in that case, it also goes to show why those who follow their passionate careers and truly succeed are understandably selfish with their eventual exploits.

To begin with, the idea of sticking to a passionate career despite meager pay is quite risky in itself. Plus, it’s usually a lonely journey coupled with lots of discouragement and disparaging rhetoric. So considering the hordes of friends and companions that surround them with this kind of mentality, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that those who follow their passion are unforgiving as well. It’s no wonder that successful people who made it through unique ways end up losing many of their mediocre friends.
So, is following your passion worth it? Of course, but:

How does one Stick to their Passionate Career Despite Meager Pay?

#1 Have Worthwhile End-goals in Mind
While some base their long term goals on material gain, other are basically clueless about what they want in life. Yet what many fail to realize is the fact that without passionate purpose, the career journey will be robotic, predictable and ultimately meaningless. So the pay isn’t that great which means that material gain is out of the question for now. Besides exposure and wealth of experience, you’ve got to be bold enough to diversify your goals by factoring in external ambitions such as revolutionizing an entire industry through ground breaking innovative solutions that improve people’s way of life. In essence, let the worthwhile end-goals be a healthy and well rounded mix of personal ambitions and global solutions.

#2 Count your unique blessings that others can’t boast of
Well, the pay isn’t that good but still, you’ve got one or two things to be thankful for. Maybe it’s a flexible working schedule that gives you ample time to multi-task on other important matters of the day. For instance, working at home as a mum without having to leave your kids uncatered for. And if you’re an entrepreneur, there’s that peace of mind that comes with knowing that unemployment won’t act as an impediment to your career progress. Basically, everyone’s got something unique to be thankful for so note them down and trust me, just when you’re just about to quit, you’ll have something substantive to anchor yourself with.

#3 Always Strive to Maintain and Enhance your Unique Mindset
I’m sure you’re likely to encounter lots of opposing forces and doubting thomases along the way. In such circumstances, we’re always advised to close our ears and look the other way. However, that won’t always be a viable option because some will actually come to you with constructive criticism, and you can’t afford to get sensational or else you’ll lose your professional touch.

But that doesn’t have to be the case as long as you’re prudent enough to spare some few moments everyday to maintain and enhance your unique mindset. And there’s no secret to this. It’s all about connecting with like minded individuals, reading books by unique personalities and seeking to establish acquaintance with stake holders and industry players that enlighten you on the right opportunities that you should exploit.

Life is full of illusions. For instance, many of us discredit our career paths simply because we don’t drive fancy cars or live in palatial estates. And that’s where the mistake lies - defining a career solely on the basis of material gain. These are all good things, but making them the major prerogative exposes you to unfulfilling careers, makes you secretly miserable and stifles your passion to do great things. As Nelson Mandela once said, "There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you’re capable of living."

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