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Stop Complaining About Your Skills Gap

According to reports, there are about 3 million jobs open for applicants in the United States today, and yet there are about 14 million of Americans who are not employed. Ironic, isn’t it? This is because of a huge skills gap, and companies are highly complaining about it because people who apply for the open positions are not just qualified for it.

Recent surveys show that companies turn down a lot of applicants because they do not have what it takes to fill the vacant job. They do not possess the skills, the training, the education, the experience and the knowledge to handle the position well. In short, they are not qualified.

To companies, the open jobs that they have and the applicants are a mismatch. They could not hire them because these supposed-to-be potential employees are not just perfect for the job. But waiting for the right candidate for the position will definitely take time.

According to surveys, because companies are declining thousands of applicants due to skills gap, their businesses are on hold. Recent surveys show that about 52% of companies have a difficulty in filling vacant positions because the applicants do not possess the skills that match the job.

A recent poll done even showed that 40% of the companies included in the survey said that finding the perfect employees to qualify the job is not just holding them back but also hindering the continued growth of the company.

So economists and other experts advise and recommend that these companies should stop complaining about the skills gap. Instead they should look on ways and other solutions to close the gap. Complaining will do them no good, and perfect employees will not just come in a wink.

It is widely suggested that companies should do the training and educating themselves. Instead of putting down and turning away partially qualified applicants, why not hire and train them so that they will fit the position offered.

So, how will companies bridge or close the gap?

  • Conduct trainings, have a skills enhancement program and educate the employees. – Companies who are complaining of skills gap should realize that the perfect employees will not appear in just a matter of seconds. Instead of daydreaming about finding the qualified and productive employees, why not make them? Companies can conduct trainings and skills enhancement program for their employees. In this way they will be able to equip their workers with the necessary skills, qualities, and abilities that are needed for the position. They can educate their employees and teach them what they need to do to handle the position or the job entrusted to them well.
  • Propose courses that will help people earn skills that will help them land their job in the future. – Though changing the education system may take time, companies can propose courses or other basic training programs that will help young talents hone their skills for their future jobs.

Instead of whining and complaining about skills gap, companies can do more to help potential workers fill the vacant positions and handle the job with excellence. That is why companies should embrace the idea of training and education of employees.


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