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How to Stop Snoozing

As the seasons turn, the sun rises later and the mornings get colder, getting out of bed gets increasingly harder. Hitting the snooze button at least once or twice becomes a mandatory morning routine because you’ve proven to yourself that you can still be at work on time. You might be a little rushed and devoid of your morning coffee, but you’ll be there.

Perhaps it’s time to shake the habit though. The snooze button isn’t good for you and those ten-minute bursts of sleep aren’t really providing you with more rest. In fact, it might even by making you lazier and more tired.

Setting your alarm too early so that you can press snooze for an entire hour causes your body to miss out on vital REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. Once you’ve woken up once, you’re unlikely to fall back into REM and you’ll end up being much more tired than what you would’ve been had you just slept constantly until getting up time.

These tips, tricks and apps will help you beat that snooze button and get your mornings off to the right start.

5 alarm clock apps to get you out of bed the first time

BetterMe (iPhone)

If you care at all what people think of you then BetterMe will have you obeying that alarm clock very soon! The app literally uses public humiliation to get you up.  Every time you press snooze, the app will post a message to your Facebook telling all your friends that you pressed snooze. Again.

Morning Routine (Android)

This alarm forces you to get out of bed and get moving. You have to scan a barcode in your house before it stops making a noise. You can set the barcode on anything – from your coffee brand to your toothpaste – and you can even choose a series of barcodes to make sure that you get out of the bedroom and on with your day.

Step Out! (iPhone)

As the name suggests, this alarm only stops going off after you get out of bed and walk somewhere. Now don’t think you can just shake it up and down to make it shut up, because it will be able to detect that. You can even take a picture of where you want your end destination to be (say the bathroom or the kettle) and then you have to take the same picture again in the morning before the alarm shuts up.

Walk up (Android and iPhone)

A simpler version of Step Out! Walk Up also forces you to walk a certain amount of steps before it stops going off. You can set the number of steps yourself. Perhaps this could even be the start of your morning run!

I can’t wake up alarm clock (Android)

Choose one of eight different wake up tasks and you’ll get asked to complete the task successfully before the alarm stops going off. Tasks range from practicing a foreign language to doing math.

Other ways to beat the snooze button

Heat up your room

The reason why it’s more difficult to get out of bed in winter is obvious – it’s just so much warmer in bed. Heating up your room will automatically make the getting up process easier as the difference in temperature inside and outside the bed won’t be so big anymore.

Get enough sleep 

A lot of the time, the reason why you can’t seem to wake up is simply because you haven’t had enough sleep. And as I mentioned before, hitting snooze for an hour isn’t helping you get more rest, so rather just sleep solidly for that next hour or get yourself to bed earlier.

Reward yourself for getting up

This may sound like a simple solution to every single challenge you face in life, but when you begin your morning with something you like doing instead of going straight to the shower and straight to work, it’ll be easier to wake up. Think five minutes of gaming or stretching.

Get a coffee machine with a timer

It’s been proven that even the smell of coffee starts the body’s process of waking up. Get a coffee machine with a timer and put it close to your bed to start brewing 10 minutes before your alarm. You’ll not only wake up easier, but there’ll be coffee ready when you do.


This little gadget might just be the most annoying thing ever. It’s an alarm on wheels and it jumps off the dresser and runs around the room, changing direction randomly. You literally have to run after it to catch it and make it stop.

Get a pet

The snooze button doesn’t work on a hungry cat or dog!

 In none of this can wake you up then nothing will. The only other option is a better half to kick you out of bed.

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