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WORKPLACE / JUL. 18, 2013
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How to Stop your Job Making you Ill!

The stress and anxiety that a job can put on us can quite literally make us ill. Knowing your limits in the workplace is vital to ensuring you stay healthy – both mentally and physically.

It is important that you know your employee rights and do not allow your employer to abuse them in any way. If you feel that your rights are being abused then it is essential that you raise your concerns with the appropriate employment authority and take the necessary steps with management.

Here are some tips to help prevent work-related illness!

#1 Avoid prolonged periods of over time

Rest is essential to recover from a full day’s work. Giving yourself time to relax and switch off from work troubles while in the comfort of your own home is a great way to reboot your energy. Only work the designated and legal hours as provided in your contract to help maintain an even work-life balance.

#2 Stay out of office politics

Office politics re stressful, worrying and can make you very unhappy at work if you are caught in the middle of it. Try your best to remain an impartial and neutral party in the workplace.

#3 Request training and support

Oftentimes stress and worry comes from not having the necessary means to be able to perform your job to the best of your ability and to the expectations of your manager. By requesting training or additional support, you can effectively reduce the risk of feeling pressured or helpless at work.

#4 Avoid dangerous activities

Don’t lift heavy objects, or mess around with computer wires or loose cables. The risks of hurting yourself physically in the workplace are a lot higher than you may expect. Leave the dangerous jobs to the professionals.

#5 Organize your workload

One of the biggest causes of feeling stressed at work is that of not being able to handle your workload. By prioritizing your daily tasks and setting yourself clear and achievable deadlines, you can help to keep on top of your work.

#6 Resolve disputes

If you have had an argument or unresolved dispute with your manager or a colleague, then it is important that you find a solution to the problem and move on from it. 

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