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Strategic Planning - Using Your Start-up Loan Intelligently

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Your start-up loan has been approved. Congratulations! Your unique business idea could see you be the next Richard Branson. But just because you’ve secured a loan to finance your business idea does not mean automatic success. This is where the hard work starts. Success starts with good decision making and intelligent strategic planning.

Before starting up a business, its long term sustainability and growth should be your number one goal. Before even putting in the loan application, have you thought about what you are going to use the money for? It is possible to borrow money the wrong way and without knowing the answer to this critical question, you could be setting your business up for failure.  

Plan for business success and sustainability

Sourced funding for small businesses should be strategically planned for. You need to know beforehand where that money would be spent. Make smart choices. Investing in business growth and revenue generating activities is a sure path to success and sustainability.

At the top of your spending list should be funding for marketing, advertising, and sales. Why should these be given top priority? If done correctly and successfully these 3 key priority areas will equal revenue and increase your profit margin line.

Without a focused plan when borrowing money for a small business you could make many costly mistakes that lead to failure. Seeking the help of a professional small business financing expert could also determine how successful your business becomes.

Other smart ways of using funding capital

Deciding on how to use your start-up funding depends on the nature of your business and your business’ individual needs. No matter how you choose to use the financial capital you have secured, one thing remains – making calculated choices that determines business success and sustainability.

  •     Increase your workforce

This is a good idea if you need more diversification of skills to improve and increase productivity. You may have great business sense but presenting a killer sales pitch has you at a disadvantage. Hiring people who possess the skills you need to grow your business is strategic planning.

  •     Invest in more space

If the size of your business premises dictates success, then you should look into renting or buying bigger premises. As your business grows, so too will the number of your employees. The number of people who work for you, equipment and more stock will all vie for the limited space available which could hinder business growth.

  •     Grow your business through innovation

A business is only as good as the products it sells or services it offers. By continually improving your product line you can remain at the top of your niche market. Investing some of your funding in innovation could be the factor that sets you apart from the competition and sees your business being sustainable.

The phenomenal potential of your small business relies on the financial capital available to you. The accessibility and convenience of start-up loans means that your unique business idea does not need to remain a pipe dream.


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