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How to Strategically Improve your Career in the New Year

Worried that your career is stagnating or going nowhere? Don’t let your lack of progress frustrate you in this New Year. Instead, find the smart and strategic ways to improve it!

Here are some things you can do to ensure that your career goes where you want it to:

#1 Find a mentor

Someone who can offer advice and counsel, as well as help to guide your career trajectory. A mentor’s aid is invaluable, and will help you go the distance as a professional simply because they will push you to work harder and do more.

#2 See a need and fill it

Taking initiative is one of the best ways to prove to the higher-ups that you are capable of handling more responsibility. The more responsibility you can prove you can handle, the more likely your superiors are to give you more.

#3 Have the attitude of success

If you trust that you will be successful and have the positive attitude, your chances of success are much higher. Don’t put yourself down--aloud or in your mind--but always show confidence in your abilities. That confidence will often be all you need to actually be good at what you do.

#4 Keep up with your industry

Don’t sit back and be content with what you have achieved this year, but keep striving to adapt and grow in your industry. Continually study and improve your skills, and be as up to date as possible.

#5 Multi-specialize

Don’t just become an expert in one field, but develop your skills in multiple areas at once. That way, when someone is needed who can handle a variety of tasks, you’ll have the confidence to raise your hand and say "Choose Me".

#6 Know your boss and learn to work with him/her.

Who is the "gatekeeper" that holds your future in their hands? It’s your boss, of course! If you are on good terms with your boss, you’ll find that more opportunities come your way. Learn their work style, and adapt your way of operating to be in line with theirs. When they see that you’re willing to adapt and grow, it will help them to be more confident that they can rely on you.

#7 Learn to get along with those around you.

Resolve any workplace difficulties, and strive to become friends or friendly with your coworkers. If you’re the guy or girl that everyone likes, it will be much easier for you to get ahead in your company.

#8 Don’t bring problems, bring solutions.

Got an issue that needs resolving? Your boss won’t want to have to step in himself/herself to deal with the problem, but they’ll want you to come with a solution. Good problem-solving skills are a MUST if you want to climb the career ladder.

#9 Don’t just work harder; work smarter.

Working SMART means knowing what to do and what not to do, how to organize your time, and how to do the most important things first. No one will notice if you are working harder if you don’t get more done.

#10 Try to see the big picture.

Remember, you’re just one small part of a massive machine--the machine of your company. If you can focus on the big picture, it will help to put your position into perspective, and that perspective will enable you to be the most efficient employee possible.

Follow the advice above, and your career is sure to improve in the coming year!  

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