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Stripper Student?

You could take off all your clothes to make some money while hustling your way through university - or you could avoid the red light district of your University city (or town) and follow our cheeky top ten tips on how to save your hard earned dollar. Here are the do’s and don’ts of getting by while keeping that shirt on your back.

DON’T: Steal all the books from the library by pretending you’re pregnant under that jumper your nan gave you for Christmas.

DO: Take a look at second hand online forums, there are tonnes around university pages, and we all know a cheap online book marketplace don’t we? You will save yourself hundreds in the long run.

DON’T: Ignore all your bills and assume that because you’ve moved address they will never find you. THEY WILL- really, they will.

DO: Keep tabs on things by downloading a phone app or using your diary more often. When you’re a student, organisation is your best friend, and time keeping is his paramount, try getting to your bills well before deadlines- this will stop them getting to you first.  Nobody likes a late fee now, do they?

DON’T: Raid the refrigerator thinking a splash of milk will go unnoticed.

DO: Come on now, this food malarkey really can be done. Group shops with a buddy who has a car are great- make the most out of bulk offers and save a fortune. Eat out less! Your daily snack on campus is adding up to almost £30 a week, just imagine how much that would buy you at your local supermarket! A bit of time efficiency and forward planning here and you’ll have snacks in your satchel unlimited. Having said this, wastage is an equally easy mistake. If you cook extra, don't be afraid to refrigerate your left overs to power you through tomorrow afternoon. Did you know that on average of a third of food bought in Britain goes to waste? That's one shopping bag out of every three! 

DON’T: Buy beautiful unaffordable fashion because it is “on sale”.

DO: Look at the prices in your context, not that of the shop. Okay, it’s cheap for a boutique designer, yet when you calculate your weekly expenses and your monthly bills, can you afford it? If it’s something you need, look around in the charity shops first- University cities are always filled with them, and they put out some fantastic offerings from the likes of… oh, you!

DON’T: Bring your car to University because it’s “cheaper” to get around.

DO: Invest in a bike, because everything you need as a student really is only ever a few meters away. Walking and cycling are a great way to clear your mind, which, as a student, really is a necessary evil. If you are going to use public transport, buy a pass and check to make sure that it’s one that suits you, as opposed to the premium rate, all singing, all dancing one that the angry person at the counter shoves at you. (They’re probably really nice, it’s just worth checking).

DON’T: Buy a carton of cigarettes at the airport ‘cause they’re well cheap innit.

DO: Think about quitting. No, it isn’t easy in a university environment, yet it really can tie in well with other aims, and prove rewarding       in external spheres of life. Think about associating that breathing regulation with a form of sport for instance, a brisk walk or run.This will save up to £80 a week, if not more.

DON’T: Hide all the laundry under your bed and re-use all that underwear once, twice, three times a stinker.

DO: Get friendly with your housies and share washes with them. This will add up a wealth more than expected, between the cost of powder softener, and the machine itself, not to mention drying. So fine, you’re not going to dry your knickers in your room, (do it, it won’t hurt) - why not pay for the soap and washer while your buddy pays for the conditioner and tumbler? Tidy. Or should I say, clean?

DON’T: Pay on the door and buy drinks there.

DO: Yes you are familiar with pre-drinking. No we are not encouraging binge drinking. Just bear in mind the beverages aren’t the only thing that need planning in advance. Freshers tickets and gig early bird offers are always online, as is a guest list opportunity for pretty much every student night. Get on it and save yourself a few quid whenever you go out, not to mention a potential mammoth of a queue!

DON’T: Keep your old bank account because it has a cute notebook with your childhood signature on it.

DO: Check out student accounts. Some really are crazy, they offer you money for joining! Santander no longer run their £50 start-up bonus, so this is by no means a promotion, shop around and find something that suits you. Check their cheeky overdraft charges before signing the dotted line; as a student, you should never be paying for an overdraft under £1000.

DON’T: Take of all your clothes because your fellow students offered you a tenner to do so at the union- it’s not worth it, we promise! 

DO: Look into getting a part-time job with the University. They will be flexible and accommodate to your hours, and can pay quite well. Should this just really not appeal, why not look at some paid work experience? It’s a great way to get on the job ladder research-wise, and allows you to try before you buy and enter your graduate career.

Still got that shirt on?


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