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CVS / JUN. 07, 2013
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Structuring Your Executive CV

CV structure


Highly skilled candidates who are in the process of advancing their career and exploring job opportunities are advised to create a professionally structured CV to obtain maximum exposure from recruiters. A CV that is poorly structured and ill formatted tends to negate your potential as a suitable candidate and reduces the level of professionalism in your job application.

The CV serves as the first impression of a potential employee therefore it is important to make the most of this document. By creating a professional executive CV, individuals are able to make sure that they pass the job application stage and proceed to the interview stage of the hiring procedure. The key points to keep in mind when structuring your CV are outlined below:


The first step in structuring your executive CV is to consider the role you are applying for and how you match the requirements. Candidates are able to make sure that they structure their CV accordingly by determining their suitability for the job position they are applying for. If the job role requires specific knowledge of specialist software, it is important to state that you are experienced within the area. As your CV is essentially a 20-second interview, it is integral to mention your suitability within the first part of your CV rather than save it for the end.


Candidates who possess qualifications and certification that is important in their job role then it is important to state these at the start of the CV. In the event that experience is more important than the education, it is important to outline your experience at the start of the CV. In each separate case, it is advised to tailor your abilities to match the job description and requirements as this will capture the recruiter’s attention.


Many candidates overlook the importance of formatting their CV professionally as they consider this to be a trivial matter. By formatting your CV in a consistent and uniform manner, job seekers are able to make sure that their job application reads as well as looks professional. It is important that your CV appeals to the recruiter aesthetically as well as boasts a structure that is of the highest standards. 

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