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Study Reveals The Ultimate Guide to Life

Think you’re falling behind your peers on the ladder of life? Research commissioned by amigo loans has revealed when Brits “should” achieve life’s major milestones, from marriage right through to buying their first property.

The study polled 1,585 adults aged between 16 and 65 to compile its report and reveals that the first milestone is the first kiss, “best ticked off at the tender age of 15”, and the last milestone, early retirement, should be achieved by the age of 60. Oh, and we should be married by the age of 27.

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Highlights From The Study

We Should Buy a House By The Age of 30

Broke thirty somethings might be perplexed by the revelation that they should have bought their own property before they reach the age of 30. For instance an article in This Is Money, based on a study of 1,000 parents, suggested that inheritance and cash gifts are increasingly the only avenues for young people to get on the property ladder as high prices have made it impossible for them to buy a property.

According to the report, one out of six people between the ages of 25 and 34 relied on an inheritance to purchase a property. The article also quotes separate research which revealed that because housing prices are outpacing wage increases, young people are finding it impossible to purchase a property.

And Splash The Cash on Two Holidays a Year By The Age of 36

According to the amigo loans study, by the time you turn 37, you should be having at least two holidays a year. If you’re not, don’t worry. The study recognises that those who are struggling to tick off milestones are those with “financial pressures”.

Some milestones are more difficult to achieve than others

Passing a driving test, purchasing a car and being able to buy a new car took longer to  achieve than other milestones, the study found.

We put pressure on ourselves to achieve milestones

This is probably the most insightful and helpful finding in the research: that  most of us put pressure on ourselves to achieve certain milestones within set timeframes. So perhaps not putting pressure on ourselves is the true key to happiness.

Life’s Major Milestones And The Age We Should Have Achieved Them

First kiss 15
First full time job 19
Pass driving test 20
First holiday with friends 21
Move out/ rent with friends 22
Buy first car 22
First holiday with partner 23
Be a bridesmaid /best man 23
Rent on your own 24
Get engaged 25
Rent with partner 25
Get married 27
Buy first flat 27
Have first child 28
First house 29
Start earning average wage 30
Second child 31
Buy a brand new car 32
Become a manager at work 34
Think about starting /start a business 35
Move to second house 36
Start enjoying two holidays per year 36
Start earning 40k 37
Look at buying / buy property to let 39
Retire 60


Amigo loans have developed a “Life MilestoneTest”, which you can take here, if you’d like to see how ‘well’ you are doing.

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What do you think about the study? Are you encouraged by it or ...not? Add any comments to the box below.

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