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How to Succeed as a Newly Promoted Employee

Being promoted at work can be an exciting and validating experience. All the hard work you have put in has finally paid off; but being promoted is not only an elating experience, it can also be a stressful one. Here are some tips to help you manage promotion-related growing pains and help you not only adapt, but succeed in your new position...

Set Goals

This element of promotion-related success cannot be stressed enough. Setting clear, well thought out and attainable goals is essential. Vague goals are not what we are after here; you need to set concrete goals based on your specific vision for your department, subordinate staff members, and colleagues.

In order to clarify your vision you need to dig deep. What will make this recent position lucrative for both you and your employer? What skills can you apply to help you better manage your new position? Are you prepared to do a bit of soul searching to help you gain a realistic perspective on how you can best attain your goals? Clarity is key.

Transforming Stress into Inspiration

The more responsibility you take on, the more stressed you will be; this is the nature of the beast. In order to conquer your desperation, you need to find inspiration; especially when confronted with difficult tasks. 

To master this skill, you must take a step back from the problem at hand and view it from several different perspectives. According to Vanessa McGovern of the Global Institute for Travel Entrepreneurs, you must face your career fears by learning how to be accountable, responsible, and capable. This opens you up to learning through changing your perspective; get past your inhibitions and become the leader your boss believes you already are.

Don’t Cave Under the Pressure

Setting boundaries is an important part of leadership. Protecting and honoring your priorities is one thing, you must also learn to successfully communicate them. Believing in yourself and putting yourself into your new position 100% shows strength, determination, and passion for what you are doing. This will not only help you make it through when times are tough, it will also show those above you that you have what it takes to keep progressing with the company. A healthy fear is understandable when confronting the unknown, but feeling unworthy of your new position can become toxic.

Nurture Relationships

Being a stoic leader is not all about strutting your peacock feathers; it’s also about nurturing relationships with subordinates, colleagues, and mentors. You cannot succeed in your new position without the dedication and loyalty of your staff. As a leader you are not only responsible for yourself, but for those that are working diligently for you to help bring your ideas and visions to fruition.

Colleagues and mentors can understand what you are going through, be sure to form strong bonds with your most valuable allies. These relationships are a two way street, make sure to offer help when it is needed.

Be Committed to Success

Your new position may come with some serious responsibilities. No matter how difficult these tasks may seem, never give up. Committing yourself to your new position doesn’t always mean diving in head first. Every move you make should be carefully planned and calculated and every possible scenario should be considered. When you feel you may be in over your head, don’t be too prideful to ask for help. As you continue on the path toward your goals, remember your mentors and call reinforcements in when necessary.

Have you been promoted or are expecting a promotion soon? How do you think that you will handle your new responsibilities? Your thoughts and comments below please…


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