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Succeed the Ant Way - An Insight into Jim Rohn's Ant Philosophy

All of us have our role models in life. We love to look up to someone because we want to achieve that something special in life. That role model does not have to be a celebrity. There are people in our workplaces that inspire and motivate us to achieve more. But why should you limit yourself to using humans as role models in order to succeed? Take a look at the ant way to find out how you can achieve success in life, both professional and personal.

The Ants Philosophy was developed by Jim Rohn, the celebrated motivational guru. While Jim Rohn is no more, there are thousands across the world that still look at the four life lessons he identified from ants. Take a look.

#1 Don’t quit

Ants never quit. An ant can carry 20 times its own body weight and it continues to carry this weight on and on. You will commonly see unbroken chains of ants carrying food from one place to their home. Now what happens when you place an obstacle in their course? For a few moments the ants will pause and disperse, but soon they will find an alternative route.

The moment the first ant finds that alternative route, the others will follow it and the chain will commence. Remember Winston Churchill? He famously quoted, “Never give up. Never, never give up!” He probably thought of ants when he made this famous comment.

#2 Do your best

An ant knows that it has to gather food for the harsh winter months. It has a single minded objective in this regard. Throughout the summer months, ants can be seen carrying food to their home and they simply don’t do anything else.

Does an ant bother about how much food another ant is carrying? It doesn’t. Does it think about bonuses and incentives because it carried more food? It doesn’t. Does it sit back and relax because it thinks it has done its bit? It doesn’t. If you want to succeed the ant way, ensure you prepare for the worst.

#3 Always think of winter

All of us know about the story of the ant and the grasshopper. While the ant slogged all through summer to collect food, the grasshopper simply frittered away time. And when the winter set, the grasshopper had the worst time of it.

An ant somehow understands that good times don’t last forever. It may have the tiniest of brains, but that brain tells it what it should ideally do. So, the ant always prepares for the hardships ahead.

#4 Always think of summer

Despite all the hard work it does all summer, an ant suffers from the unbearable cold of the winter. But does it crib and cry about it? It doesn’t. It knows that winter will pass and glorious summer will come again. Then it can go back to the days of fun and food gathering while it enjoys the brilliant sunshine.

These life lessons from ants are simple, but they have immense value. If we could just follow what the ants do in life, every day of their life, we would surely succeed. The ant way is simple but highly effective. Let us take this mantra of life from ants and create a successful life to be proud of!

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