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How to Successfully Crowdfund Your NGO

Crowdfund NGO

If you want to start an NGO, (non-profit organization), there are various ways to get funding. With crowdfunding, you are able to reach a broader audience and raise enough money to get your NGO off the ground. So do carefully consider this option. 

Crowdfunding Websites 

There are several crowdfunding websites you can use to fund or finance your nonprofit organization, project or specific event such as: – a crowdfunding platform that helps organizations to finance their current event or new project. This platform allows you to offer donors an incentive or rewards to back your cause or project. – helps world changers like to finance your NGO project. You set your tipping point and your ultimate goal with a schedule time that you want to accomplish this in. Then you hope for the best. Of course, you can send the link to your social media crowd for a viral effect. – is known for helping philanthropists, innovators, NGOs and entrepreneurs to fulfill their goals and to establish their main cause. From disaster relief to human rights issues, this is a platform that you want to have access to. – works with organizations whose goal is to make a social and environmental impact to the communities around them. Their platform will help you to design and create your crowdfunding campaigns. 

Using Social Media Technology 

Crowdfunding has become a worldwide and innovative phenomenon, which has changed the way that non-profit organizations get their funding. NGOs are now able to dramatically increase donations and augment their message. With the advancement of social media technology, it has even become quite easier for NGOs to embrace crowdfunding. Religious ministries, charity organizations, professional fundraisers and volunteers are learning fast on how to leverage their newfound method of raising donations for a specific cause through social media. Of course, this would mean building relationships and getting the right people to believe in your cause. 

Each social media network is unique and so your posts have to be customized. For example, on Twitter, you can only use 140-characters to spread your message. Therefore, you have to get a short URL ( and a distinct message. Facebook allows you longer messages, so use it for regular updates. Instagram and Pinterest are visual channels and probably should be used for reposting. 

No matter, which social media outlet you use, there are a few ways to leverage the power of social media to your NGO crowdfunding campaign such as:


  •          Amplifying your message through videos, images, content and possibly quotes
  •          Driving traffic to your campaign
  •          Encourage supporters
  •          Sending ‘thank you’ messages
  •          Asking for volunteers
  •          Posting progress updates
  •          Getting more supporters
  •          Starting important conversations
  •          Building new relationships
  •          Inspiring urgent action
  •          Inviting participation

Focused and Clear Goals

Similar to a yearly fundraising event, with a crowdfunding project, your goals will have to be clear. However, you must also make your goals very specific to your project. Let’s say you want to raise $5,000 for a specific project in your charity organization – you would definitely need to make a specific proposition. Here is an example: “$5,000 to assist 5 women experiencing domestic violence to get apartments and pay 1 month rent for each of them.” Be sure that you have a good attention-grabbing headline so that as many people in your social media network will want to retweet it.

Create An Awesome Headline

When you write your headline, again, it has to grab attention of the reader. It will also provide guidance of how to write the content and how you endorse it. To design your headline and content for your crowdfunding project, ask yourself one or more of these questions:

  •          What do you want to achieve?
  •          How will you use the donated funds?
  •          What is the beginning date?
  •          What is the ending date?
  •          How will you convince the people who donated that their money is going to be used appropriately?

If you can convince the donors that their money will be put to good use, then this will not only give them confidence to give, but show that you have good intentions. You have to be transparent to get the most out of your crowdfunding project.

Show Your Intention

With social media platforms such as or, you can create videos that tell your story and provide regular updates on the project. You can create daily blog posts on different milestones of the project. You can tweet updates regular from your Twitter account. Keeping the funders informed is an excellent way to gain their trust.

If this is the first time that you are going to seek crowdfunding to fund your project, it is best to do so with a small part of the project instead of the entire project. For example, seeking $1,000 donation is easier than $50,000. So use your social media connections to seek a smaller donation, after which you will employ the tactics of regular updates through Twitter, blogging, Youtube videos and Facebook, until you earn the trust of your funders. It is then that you will be able to successfully receive larger donations.


To be more successfully at crowdfunding your NGO project, it is recommended that you offer some kind of reward to your donors. For example, offer lunch with the CEO or a video from the recipients expressing gratitude for the donations. Many donors will be very appreciative and rewarded by this kind gesture.


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