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Super Weird Offices That Outdo Google

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1. The Naked Office (Real company name withheld)
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Where is this joint? London, UK. What’s so weird about it? Everyone gets naked on Fridays to boost office morale. Sounds reasonable.

With so much hype about Google's offices, afterall, they are just sooo weird and different, I took it upon myself to find other companies that put just as much effort into their office designs. After having done a little research, I discovered that Google's offices are actually less weird than first perceived, especially when compared to some others I found. RedBull for example, takes their slogan 'RedBull Gives You Wings' a little bit too far by implementing it in the men's toilets. The urinals are not only surrounded by wings, but MURALS of wings. A bit over the top if you ask me.  

Another weird and wacky workspace is that of 'Inventionland' -  the corporate headquarters of Davison Design & Development. It must be somewhat like working in DisneyWorld. I wouldn't mind. Though it is a gnarly place to work, spending your working hours in that fantasy land probably makes real life seem pretty shit.  

And don't be deceived by offices such as 'The Engine Group' (in the slideshow above). It may appear a neatly designed office, colorful, and modern. Until you hit the lift that is...where you will find lickable Jaffa Cake wallpaper! 

See? I wasn't kidding. Check out one wall-licker in action! >>>>

For more weird and wonderful offices, have a look at the slideshow above. Note that my first slide doesn't mention the name of the company as for some odd reason they prefer to stay nameless (when you look at the slide you will understand why!) These people put an entirely new meaning to 'Casual Fridays'.  Let's just hope they never implement this rule at The Engine Group. Can't imagine what the Jaffa's would taste like after a cramped lift on a Naked Friday. 

Oh and share this with your boss. Maybe he/she will get motivated to switch your staircase for a slide! Ok, probably not. But you might get a pillow for your chair or something. Maybe a new painting.

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