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Survey Reveals Our Most Common Christmas Party Fails

Christmas Party Fail

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times....It was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair"

Ah, the office party. Perhaps not exactly what Dickens was describing in the quotation above (from a Tale of Two Cities, so almost certainly not referring to your Christmas bash, now I think of it); but he seems to have inadvertently summed it up well. The hope. The anticipation. The selection of the perfect outfit. The planning. The excited gossip.

And then the dad dancing. Or worse, the sight of your boss twerking in the corner.

Online music streaming company, Blinkbox have commissioned a survey to remind us of all the reasons why the office party is possibly best enjoyed in the role of designated driver and gossip gatherer. How many of the top fails have you seen, or been responsible for?

Pulling some alarming shapes

23% of those surveyed admit to dancing inappropriately at their office Christmas party. Although, the survey did also reveal that the song that was most likely to fill the dance floor this year was ’Happy’ by Pharrell Williams. So listen out for that song, restrain your own urge to get moving, sit back and watch the show.

Building your office network

We all know that networking is good, right? Presumably this was what the 20% of survey respondents who admitted to having snogged a colleague at the Christmas bash were thinking. Pulling your coworker in the stationery cupboard might be the way you find your soul mate, and become one of those funny stories you share over the dinner table with your grandkids in fifty years time - or it might just make for some awkward moments in the staff canteen next week. Be warned.

Getting over friendly

If you want to make your office life more edgy, this is one surefire way to achieve it. According to the poll, 14% of people have flirted with the boss at the office party. Even if your end of year review is booked in the same week as your office party, flirting with the boss is pretty weak. Hopefully they won’t respond - or indeed remember. And if they flirt back, then you might want to run for the hills.

And all the rest

As if snogging your colleagues, flirting with the boss and twerking the night away were not enough, fighting with office rivals, posing for dodgy pictures and quitting in the heat of the party moment, also feature in the top ten most common office party fails, according to the poll. With office culture meaning work hard and play harder, the poll also found that Londoners are the most likely people to be apologising or calling in sick the next day. So if you’re at a party in the capital, be warned - everyone is on to you if you call in with a sudden case of flu.

If you’re off out on your office night out tonight, and can resist the urge to do the chicken dance, grope your boss or get into a clinch with a colleague, you could do your own survey. Based on the average that one in four of your colleagues is going to be doing something dodgy on the dance floor, and one in five is going to be doing something dodgy with another colleague - you should be in for an entertaining night! 

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