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WORKPLACE / SEP. 12, 2015
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How to Survive a Workday With No Sleep

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jensen ackles eye of the tiger
WORKPLACE / NOV 20, 2015

If you swear you never, ever glance longingly at the clock, then you’re a liar (sorry). Even if you have your dream job and absolutely love it, you definitely experience...

Woman sleeping
WORKPLACE / SEP 29, 2015

So you want to sleep less, work more, and party harder? Congratulations, you are a normal human being. Except maybe for the working part – we just threw that in for all...

fun at work
WORKPLACE / MAR 02, 2016

People tell you that you are a tolerant individual. You are patient and you are capable of tolerating insulting behavior. However, when it comes to working in a noisy...

new girl
WORKPLACE / SEP 10, 2015

In spite of your vows to never go out drinking on a weeknight again, you’ve once more done the deed. Now, you’re facing a long, excruciating day at work with your head...

Veep Boss
WORKPLACE / JUL 13, 2015

On the seventh day, halfway through his rest, an angel came to God and said, “You created idiot bosses,” and all he said was “Oops”; after all, this was his rest day...

How to Survive Tuesday at Work
WORKPLACE / JUL 30, 2013

The most hated day of a working week is no longer Monday; now, Tuesday has become the most dreaded day according to working professionals. Why Tuesday? Although Monday is...

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