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Swap your Lazy Beach Holiday for an Active Adventure to Make Returning to Work Easier!

Recent research commissioned by Felix Roderl, Director of Swiss UK & Ireland, has found that people who go on active holidays find it easier to get back to the daily routine compared to those who go on a relaxed holiday. Those who have spent their time away being active return feeling full of beans, with a fifth claiming to be on top of things within just one day. Also, more than 50% of people who have gone on both active and lazy holidays said they return home more recharged and less sluggish.

On the contrary, 82% of individuals who used vacations merely as a chance to lounge by the pool, doing nothing but sipping cocktails and reading books; found it much trickier readjusting to real life after a holiday than those who go on energetic holidays.  Here are some of the main findings that the research revealed concerning ‘lazy’ holidaymakers:

  • Workers Need Extra Time to Recover From Holidays

The average worker speculates it takes them roughly four days of being back in the office before they feel they have recovered from their break. This situation causes a headache back in the office, as 31% of respondents admit they take longer to do tasks at work in the days immediately after returning to work.

In addition to this, 45% of workers struggle so much after being away, they even book extra time off so they have a few days before they need to return to work.

  • Workers Become Less Productive When They Return to Work After Relaxed Holidays

What’s more, a quarter of respondents have forgotten to do a job altogether, while more than one in five oversleep and another 17% end up making mistakes. Almost one in ten even end up missing important deadlines because their head is still in ‘relax’ mode.

Interestingly, researchers also revealed that six in ten blame their slow uptake on being stuck in the ‘holiday frame of mind’, while 45% say it takes them a while to get used to actually doing things again after spending their time relaxing.

Furthermore, more than two thirds come back from their break feeling sluggish, while 84% have even returned feeling like they still need more time off.

Workers Should opt for Active Holidays

Felix Rodel explains why going on a relaxed holiday does not necessarily recharge your batteries: “Dozing in the sunshine and chilling out all day can have an effect on your body clock so although you come back from a holiday expecting to feel better for it, it can be a real struggle for a few days as your body gets used to your daily routine again.”

All in all, it seems the association of a lazy holiday with refreshment and revitalisation is just a misconception. Employees are better off going on a more active holiday break because they will more likely return to work motivated, energetic and agile.  In contrast, a ‘lazy’ vacation can negatively affect their productivity and perhaps cost money as employees might need some extra days off.


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