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Teacher Training in Argentina

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The Ministry of Education is the governmental agency that determines the education policies and strategies with regards to the National Education Law No. 26, 206. The primary purpose of the Ministry of Education is to implement, monitor, evaluate and strengthen the Argentinean teaching system.

The Federal Board of Education is responsible for the coordination between the national education policy and the national education system. The Federal Board is comprised of three bodies: the Federal Assembly, the Executive Committee and the General Secretariat. 

The following is the training for the different levels of education:

According to the National Curriculum Guidelines for Initial Teacher Education, all teachers must attend curriculum training for National Regulation (understanding framework, functions and basic curriculum management) and development training based on National Curriculum Guidelines. The training lasts for 2, 600 hours over a period of 4 years and the degree is for Early Education.


In order to enter the initial training for early education in Argentina, the individual must have midlevel education. In addition to this, a number of regions conduct a psychophysical examination on candidates to ensure they are in a good health condition to take on the profession of teaching.


Individuals can attend Teach Training Colleges that are established across the region. The training lasts for a period of 2, 600 hours over 4 years and the individual is able to obtain a certification in primary education. This includes:

  • Rural education

  • Continuing education for youth and adult

  • Hospital and home education

  • Bilingual intercultural education


Similar to early and primary education, secondary education is over a period of 4 years and requires a minimum of 2, 600 hours of higher education. The degree obtained is dependent on the courses taken. 

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