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Teachers in Norway’s Public Sector

Most teaching jobs in Norway are public sector ones and the public sector offers a number of benefits to teachers.

How to become a teacher in Norway

If you are interested in becoming a qualified teacher in one of Norway’s many public schools, then you can take one of two routes:

  1. For teachers who wish to work in primary and lower secondary level schools, a general teacher examination must be taken, which takes approximately four years to reach completion. This qualification enables teachers to teach all subjects offered in the lower levels of education in Norway, as well as a number of specialist subjects in some instances.

  1. For teachers who wish to teach at upper secondary school level a university degree must be taken with the relevant subject that the individual wishes to teach. Once the degree has been taken, at either Bachelors or Masters Level, an additional one year course must be taken in order to receive a teacher certificate. This one year specialist course involves ‘the science of education’, and is essentially a methodological course on how to effectively teach students.

Additional requirements include:

  • Fluency in the Norwegian language.

Benefits of being a teacher in Norway

As a teacher working in Norway’s public sector, you can benefit from a respectable salary that is likely to increase with experience and years in the industry. In addition, paid holiday entitlements are excellent. Norway’s summer holiday period lasts approximately 8 weeks, the winter period lasts approximately 1 week, whilst the Easter period lasts approximately 9 days.  

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