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Teaching in Venezuela

teachers venezuela

Venezuela’s education system has an incredibly high standard, which is why many people choose to relocate there to teach in their schools. The Venezuelan government regularly funds money into the education system and remains committed to the idea that every citizen is entitled to a free education.

The literacy rate in Venezuela for individuals aged 15 and above is approximately 95.2% and education is compulsory for nine years. The government is making continual efforts to improve and enhance Venezuela’s teaching system in order to maintain its high standards.

Free schooling in Venezuela works as follows:

Preschool: Students must attend until the age of five

Primary School: This level of education is attended until the age of eleven

Second Level Education: Attended until the age of 14 or 15  

Higher Education: attended until the age of 18. Venezuela has more than 90 higher education institutions holding more than 6 million students.

Benefits of teaching in Venezuela:

Competitive Salary

Teachers entering the Venezuelan education system can benefit from a competitive salary that is nearly double that of the minimum wage. In this respect, higher level public teachers can be expected to earn an extremely generous salary that has the potential to increase over time.

Health Insurance

In addition to a competitive salary, teachers can benefit from a number of health benefits, which expand to benefits for retired teachers. In compliance with this, pre- and post-natal maternity leave is available under the scheme.

Bonus Scheme

Teachers who reach seniority status, undergo special skills training in certain areas or teach in prisons are entitled to a bonus as issued by the government. 

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