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Tech is Changing the Game of Hiring

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Technology is pushing everything forward at a staggering pace, we’ve recently even seen an emergence of a new type of economy. But what has tech done for hiring?

You want the best talent, the sharpest minds and more eager people working for your company, organization or corporation. If you want to have the most effective recruiting, you must keep up with technology and implement it to its highest potential. Fall behind on technology that you can use to get the brightest candidates and you’ll end up losing them to your competitors. So, you have to make sure your job post makes it to these candidates. This is how tech is changing the game of hiring.

Mobile Savvy Talent

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One of the most distinguishing characteristics of the latest generation compared to previous ones is talented candidates and their heavy adaptation of mobile technology. So, to get your job postings to them you need to adapt to the accessibility of mobile technology. Using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram will create an online presence that Millennials will use to find you, and more importantly find your job offers. If you think you can follow traditional avenues to recruit top talent then you will undoubtedly reap the analogous results. Also look into the job board apps available on mobile platforms such as LinkedInMonster and Glassdoor.

Don’t Depend On Google


Yes, Google is a great tool and they have a very impressive suite of advertisement solutions that you can use for recruiting…but at the same time don’t depend your job posting’s success on the chance that Google’s search results will channel the right candidates in your direction. There are multiple restrictions, regulations and algorithms that go into Google’s ranking system and you can have a few off you will definitely not find yourself on the first (or even second or third) page of results. Also keep in mind that the internet user of today is much more savvy than the computer users of years past. They are more likely to skip a paid/sponsored link at the beginning of the search results and click the first or second non-sponsored result. An alternative to trying to make your job ad show up at the top of the results list, try instead to get your own website on the first or second page. You’re probably wondering about SEO people, right? Well they do kind of work, but if they use certain tricks that Google deems against regulation, it could get you banned from Google’s index…and in that scenario you might as well not exist.

Be Creative

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Millennials are characterized also by their immense creativity…so to cater to them you must be creative yourself. Try thinking about promoting on channels that you wouldn’t normally promote on. For example, you know about Facebook and Twitter, but Reddit (which is more or less a community populated bulletin board) has a Reddit Jobs section. Reddit is often a forum popular with tech savvy Millenials. Another non-traditional avenue you can go down is Craigslist…I know, we’ve all heard the horror stories involving Craigslist, like the story of a man that hired a dozen day laborers that inadvertently helped him rob a bank. It’s a hilarious story but not really important to our situation…if you have a second and need a chuckle go ahead and read it. Okay so not the most credible forum but an alternative forum nonetheless. If it fits your corporate brand/identity and culture you could even use Snapchat or YouTube to spread the word that you are hiring…younger people are much more heavy consumers of dynamic media…and you will undoubtedly get results if you engage them in the way that they are used to communicating. Snapchat might seem like a hilarious potential platform to engage new talent, but becomes much more serious when you realize that it sees 100 million active users a day. Can you afford to ignore 100 million potential hires?

Social Media Style


Today’s social media users have a constant stream of information about their favorite brands, companies and friends at their finger-tips. It would be extremely advantageous to follow this social media model with your job posting. Try to offer regular job posting intervals, giving your ‘followers’ insight into the process, maybe even introduce the people that are conducting the interviews. Just try to be as social media friendly as possible. If you have trouble conceptualizing this, here’s an example: Think about how movies and games are promoted. They use multiple social media platforms to tease their fans, then release a slew of stupendous trailers and lay on the hype thick the closer the release date approaches. With a job, you could initially announce it, maybe teasing job seekers with some of the nicer benefits (like a personalized pool cue called Doom). Then tell the job seekers that you are preparing to shortlist some of the amazing candidates that sent in their resumes (and added benefit is that this will create a feeling of urgency and anyone that was interested but forgot will send in their own credentials)…Now at this point you can play it a bit deviantly…not exactly unethically but still a bit under-handed. Extend your deadline for accepting applications not because you don’t have enough candidates, but because of “an overwhelming show of interest”. During the interview process keep posting…this will help you, if and when you have a future job opening.

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Do you have any other ideas how tech has changed the hiring game? Let us know in the comment section below.

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