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CVS / OCT. 28, 2014
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Temping: Is it the Kiss of Death for your CV

Temp wanted

You’ve been hunting for a new job for so long that you’ve lost count of how many applications you’ve filled out or emails you’ve sent off. It’s past time you moved up the ladder a rung.  Yet still, here you are doing the same old dead end job which is boring you witless. Yes, the bills are all paid and you’ve got a roof over your head but some days it feels like you’re going to be stuck counting paperclips for the rest of your natural life. There doesn’t seem to be a way out of the rut you’re stuck in, there are just too many experienced applicants applying for the same roles for your application to ever be on the short list.

Temping is Good For Your CV 

Perhaps it’s time to consider what temping can do for your CV. Far from being a dead end route to an insecure career with no benefits, temping provides real skills and experience that employers are looking for:  team working; adaptability; exposure to different processes, procedures and systems, to name but a few. Temping doesn’t just mean endless short term contracts in customer service call centres, either. There are roles on offer to fit a range of experience and industries.  However, if your CV is short on experience and call centre roles are the only ones you are being offered, keep in mind that in order to have good telephony skills, you must also be a good communicator. Good verbal communication skills are something employers are always looking for no matter how junior or senior the role is. 

Temping Gives You Experince

The nature of temping is such that contracts come to an end and you move on to the next one. This change of roles and responsibilities in a relatively short period of time demonstrates to employers that you can easily adapt to changing circumstances in the workplace.  One constant in life and the workplace with no exception, is change. Whether it is new developments in technology changing the way you work; secondment to a project that has a critical deadline looming or changes to management or team staff; being able to roll with the punches is a desirable trait for employees to have. 

Working for different organisations also gives valuable experience and exposure to working with a diverse range of people which all successful team work requires. Even the process of learning each new temping role is an opportunity for gaining experience in using your own initiative. Demonstrating a ‘can do’ attitude as well as being reliable and responsible not only means a good reference for the next contract, it’s brilliant for your CV.

Find Your True Calling 

Perhaps the biggest benefit of a stint as an agency temp is not for the employer or the recruitment consultancies profit margin, but for the temporary workers themselves.  Contracting gives you the chance to try roles, companies and sectors on for size to see whether you want to work there for the longer term.  Banking might seem like the sort industry you would like to work in but will you still feel the same after a four month contract? Temping is the ‘no strings attached’ way to find out. Far from being the end of world, temping can provide you with experience and training that you will draw on for the rest of your career.

Finally, working as an agency contractor is not completely devoid of benefits. The European Agency Workers Directive came into force on 01 October 2011 and provides protection by guaranteeing a minimum level of protection for temporary workers including working hours, breaks and paid holiday. Any recruitment consultancy should be well versed in these regulations and able to answer any questions you may have.

So if you are lacking experience and don’t know where to turn perhaps a stint as a temp could be your salvation. Good Luck!

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