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Ten Jobs Likely to Go Down in 10 Years as New Internet Services and Robots Are Making Their Way

The job industry is shifting more towards tech-heavy and knowledge based growth. This has hit many skilled workers if the past, in different fields, and is more likely to continue. Due to this, it is important to determine which jobs are likely to offer you the best future. You are better off looking for a job that is hot and is more likely to be a long-term prospect.  

Here is a compilation of ten jobs that fall in recruitments endangered species list. Surprisingly, these jobs still pay you well though they do not promise a great future. If you are already in one of these jobs and wondering “what next”, there is no answer. However, this article may help you prepare better, keeping the uncertain future in mind.

1)       Telemarketer


Telemarketing is a troubled career for many reasons. To begin with, there is a big question over its long-time existence, given the high turnover in different occupations. Telemarketing as an industry is not dying, it’s just the occupation. Action: a combination of fake robots from foreign countries are replacing human voices. Reaction: this job is most likely to dry up soon.

2)         Retail Cashier

This job once offered a stable employment opportunity to many workers. Today, there is a clear threat to retail cashiers’ occupation thanks to the rise of digital self-checkout facilities. There are more concerns too, like the expansion of internet based commerce. A cashier’s job was never a high-paying option but they were gateways for those who lacked a college degree and others who look for part-time jobs, summer or holiday employments. So, if you are a full-time retail cashier, beware!

3)      Newspaper Delivery


There is no arguing the fact that the Internet is a boon to the world. But there are few things we have lost after its advancement. With the growth of e-readers and smartphones, there is definitely a fall in the production and distribution of newspapers. Furthermore - the big transition – graphic designers, editors and reporters are now turning towards the electronic versions, is no good news for to-be deliverers and couriers. To add to the misery, newspaper delivery robots are on the cards.  

4)      Stock/Freight Services

A range of services like unpacking shipments, unloading trucks and refilling milk freezers were a boon to workers with language barriers - discriminations and education qualification limitations fell rife. All these positions are now in danger for one common reason – robots are on their way.

Kiva Robotics manufactures advanced robots that require minimum human intervention for all mechanical jobs. From a company’s point of view, there are several advantages of developing such robots. With robots, companies do not have to worry about wages, human health insurance, injuries, bruises and falls, or any other workplace related risks. Robots continue to work non-stop throughout the day and night. If they fail, they are still replaceable. They are under warranty and there is absolutely no loss of time (breaks, sickness and holidays).      

5)      Postal Workers

Postal service was one of the few government jobs which many workers enjoyed in the past. It offered a decent pay and a stable career in the 19th century. Email services have literally weakened postal organisations across the globe. Many postal departments are now restricted to mere parcel delivery services. However, there are no more the futuristic options. With the rise of drone-based deliveries offered by companies like FedEx, there are few jobs left in the industry.

6)      Travel Agent

Bing’s inbuilt travel website offers you a world of information like cost of living in a new place, estimated price changes, and when it is the right time to book a ticket. Google Maps and Google Flights help you on travel dates; guide you to the nearest and best destinations and save a lot of time and money for you. By now, you will realize that you don’t really need a travel agent today.

7)      Word Processor / Typist

Word processors and typists are on their way out. And it looks like the skill of typing itself is fading away. This is due to the rapidly improving dictation software. Tech giants such as Google and Apple, are the biggest culprits with their Siri and Google Voice Recognition respectively. Small companies like Dragon Dictate are also improving software with high quality voice recognition abilities. This voice-recognizing software is becoming more and more accurate by the day.

8)      Taxi Dispatchers

A number of mobile taxi apps and easy city-guide apps have worsened the future of taxi networks. Car-sharing programs like eGo and Zipcar make it easier to have a car ready whenever you need. There are many bike sharing programs that are growing in popularity. Private drivers are also taking over major taxi networks as crime hits various countries. Apps like Lyft and Uber are linking transit options together with the passengers, better than any traditional methods.

9)      Librarian

You will never forget the good-old days when a librarian would point to the correct sources with remarkable accuracy. Online library services are now common sites, used also by long standing universities. Though an expensive option, online libraries have a world of resources to choose from. With Google Books now widely recognized, online libraries are only set to improve with time.    

10)   Social Media Management

A new occupation that has just entered the industry finds its place here… social media. Social media today is more integrated into people’s lives than ever. As more and more people have the skills necessary to use social media platforms in business and personal marketing, there will be lesser demand for specialists. There may be less tech-savvy or elderly individuals, who may seek the help of a social media manger. Although they belong to a minority group.

The above list of was created to help you choose not only the right career, but more importantly a long-lasting career. If you are aware of any jobs that are likely to become obsolete in the near future, please share them in the comment section below. 

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