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WEB & TECH / JAN. 02, 2015
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The 10 Most Wanted Gadgets of 2015

Wondering what to get that friend, partner, or family member for the New Year? Gadgets are all the rage these days, with hundreds of amazing new things released every year. If you’re looking for an epic present, consider one of the gadgets on the list below: 

Virtual Laser Keyboard 

  Imagine being able to type on your laptop, iPhone, or iPad without the use of a keyboard. Thanks to this virtual laser keyboard, it’s possible! The device shines a light on any flat surface, and it detects the movement of your fingers as you "type".  

I3DG 3D Viewer for iPhone 

Why not turn any video from your phone into a 3D movie? This nifty little device will allow you to play videos from your smartphone, and it will make them all appear to be 3D for your maximum viewing pleasure. It’s not true 3D, but it’s as good as it gets for a cheap device! 

iPhone 6

Everyone wants the iPhone 6, the latest smart phone released by Apple. It may have a few issues (such as a bending screen), but you’ll find that it’s a status symbol that your man/woman will love! It’s the largest of the iPhones, with lots of screen real estate for games, movies, or surfing the web. 

Powermat Wireless Charging Station 

Never run out of battery life with this nifty device! This mat can wirelessly charge your smartphone, tablet, or portable device, and all you have to do is place the device on top of it. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 

Half-way between a tablet and a smartphone, this beautiful little device is one of the best gadgets in the market. It’s a wonderful competitor to the iPad Mini, and it’s far cheaper and much more useful. 


Looking for a way to take better pictures? The iFlash will upgrade the flash on your smartphone drastically, helping you to snap much clearer, better-lit pictures after dark. 


This is the latest and greatest action camera, built to do anything and go anywhere. It’s the portable camcorder/camera that’s far cheaper than many of the competing models (just $130).  

Microsoft Xbox One 

Since Microsoft launched the Xbox One, video game sales have skyrocketed. The games released for the Xbox one are all amazingly tech-forward, with supreme graphics and amazing gameplay. A bit pricey, perhaps, but a gift that your gamer boyfriend or girlfriend is sure to love!  

Microsoft Surface Pro

Yet another Microsoft gadget makes it onto this list--this one a tablet that is designed to "replace your laptop". It’s not as pricey as the average laptop, but comes with all the functionality and features you could ask for. Best of all, it has a 12-inch screen and a kickstand that makes typing easy!

Apple 4 Mobile Phone Telescope 

Yet another gadget designed to make your Instagram photos pop! With this amazing little gadget, you get much better zoom for your photographs, allowing you to take much better pictures. 

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Get these gifts and GUARANTEE someone a Happy New Year!

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