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The 5 Best 2016 CES Tech For Productivity And Work

Another CES is upon us. The mecca for any and all tech-heads across the world, CES is a convention where the largest and smallest consumer electronics producers go to display their latest and greatest awesome technology. Sure we could talk about the latest human sized drone that propels you at 60 mph, but you come to for the latest and greatest in work and career advice. So instead, this is the best 2016 CES tech for productivity and work. Trust me it’s still going to be fun.

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1. No Memory Mac

Macbooks have been readily adopted by an army of insufferable, intolerable fans/creators for their high computing power when using resource heavy programs that are necessary for designers, musicians, artists and people that work in with video. The problem is that those people also need storage…tons and tons of storage. Well, memory monster Tardisk has introduced a tool-less solution to that problem. The Tardisk Pear can increase any MacBook’s memory by a whopping 256GB, just by sliding it into the devices SD slot. It’s a simple and infinitely elegant solution to a frequent problem.

2. A NFC Key for Your Phone

Widely used as a backup form of online security (adding a second level to a traditional password/username combination), two-factor authentication hasn’t been adopted by mobile devices until now. Yubico announced an NFC enable key that will add another layer of online account protection, by asking the user to tap the physical USB-key to the smart device’s screen to access accounts.

3. Coffee Brake With Your Face

Although coffee isn’t exactly considered office equipment, I would dare you to try and take coffee away from any office across the world and see the riots it would incite. Coffee and office work go hand and hand, but are we tired of the same old boring cappuccinos staring back at us? Well, the RippleMaker will bring the excitement back to the foaming top of your cup, in the form of printed digital images on the foam of your cappuccino…soon you won’t even be able to look at another plain cappuccino without scrunching your nose in disgust.

4. Make Any TV a Computer

The Intel Compute Stick is a device that plugs into any TV or HDMI enabled monitor and makes it a bare bones computer. Instead of doing work at home in a stuffy dark home-office, take your work to the couch…open a beer and have some popcorn, sure even watch a movie on Netflix. You know what on second thought this probably isn’t the best piece of tech for productivity.

5. Wake Up and Smell…

I sometimes wonder as I drink my morning coffee how many poor souls have been traumatized by the jarring “ARG! ARG! ARG! ARG!” of their alarm clock. Millions I’d estimate. It’s a barbaric and antiquated method of arising, but luckily for us, a small company called Senorwake understood the plight of the man and created an alarm that wakes you up with smell instead of sound. It uses smells ranging from croissant, lush jungle, seaside, espresso, chocolate and peppermint. Which sounds great, as long as you don’t have a hang-over.

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Are there any other 2016 CES gadgets that you think are cool? No, all of them is not an acceptable answer, let us know in the comment section below.

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