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The 5 Worst Ways to Start a New Job

Bad impressions

Starting a new job is both exciting and intimidating. Whether you’re young or old, working at a different company and in a new role can be overwhelming. It’s important, however, to move forward with passion as opposed to despondency, to be involved instead of aloof. Otherwise, you could see a pink slip prematurely. 

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First impressions are imperative in any form of life. This is why you should try your best to impress your boss, engage with your colleagues and portray yourself as a member of the team with skills to bring to the table. If not, then you’ll be viewed as a bag of bricks who’ll have to be carried all the time. 

How you conduct yourself on your very first day at your new job will determine whether you will be a great fit or not. If you want to succeed then smile, be productive and friendly. If you don’t want this job then do the opposite: frown, be negative and never do work. Good luck! 

Here are the first worst ways to start a new job:

1. Chaining Yourself to Your Desk

Although you will be spending a considerable amount of time at your desk, it’s important to not chain yourself to it on your first day. The first day will consist of you getting to know the place - where the break room is, where the meeting room is, where the washrooms are, etc. - and meeting various colleagues. Don’t just sit there, introduce yourself and find out the inner workings of the company.

2. Beginning Your New Job With Attitude

There’s nothing more off-putting than someone with a bad attitude. Indeed, you may not want to be at this new job, but we all have to do things we don’t want to do. Rather than concentrating on the negative, focus on the positives and realize how grateful you are to even have a job in today’s economy. Instead of frowning, smile. Instead of complaining, talk about the industry. Instead of gossiping right away, get to know your colleagues.

3. Requesting Time Off Immediately

In the corporate culture, there are just certain things that you don’t do. One of them is requesting time off as soon as you get your foot in the door. This suggests that you want to be anywhere but there. Even if you have a scheduled date for yoga or a trip to the movie theater, request the time off at another time, or, better yet, modify your personal schedule this one time. 

4. Violating Workplace Protocols

Today, companies have incorporated different types of workplace protocols. Everything from prohibiting the use of strong colognes, or perfumes to perusing Facebook while at work, businesses have taken active measures to accommodating everybody while improving the enterprise’s productivity. On your first day, do not violate all of these protocols. Do not: 

  • Bathe in strong scented colognes or perfumes. 
  • Bring a lunch with immense smells, like fish or Indian. 
  • Do not peruse through social media while at work. 
  • Do not look at your phone throughout your workday. 
  • Do not wear clothes that make it look like you just got off your sofa or going to the beach. 
  • Refrain from initiating any office gossip or insulting colleagues.

5. Ignoring Your Boss or Superiors

Finally, ignoring your boss on your first day is one of the worst things you can do, especially if you’re working for a small business. On your first day, a simple greeting and an exchange of pleasantries with your boss is the courteous and professional route to take. If you refuse to take this course of action then the boss will immediately frown upon this and place you in their little black book!

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You may be a millennial or you may be a Baby Boomer. In either case, we are all usually intimidated on our first day. With that being said, there are certain things that just don’t excuse certain behaviors. Talking on cellphones, being rude to your colleagues and complaining about the job right away are inexcusable even if it’s your first day. As soon as you enter the business, own the room and elicit positivity. 

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