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WEB & TECH / MAR. 29, 2016
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The App That Analyzes Your Co-Worker's Personality

As if technology wasn’t creepy enough let me introduce you to Crystal, an app that mines information from the internet and then outputs a horrifyingly accurate personality profile based on the data it finds. In the video above a group of businessinsider employees try Crystal out and to both their terror and surprise the profile the app gives them is insanely accurate.

Yes, I can definitely see the parallel between this and the Minority Report’s predictive crime arrests. If you feel that your stalking game isn’t strong enough, then the app also offers a LinkedIn plugin so you can data mine your co-workers, potential employees or employers. This is a quote directly from their website:

"My co-workers and friends use Crystal as a means to further understand our relationships between each other; it provides a quick, third-party perspective that helps to reduce group conflicts."

’Kevin Chung, Sales Development @ Moat’

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Yep, that quote isn’t creepy at all! So what do you think. Does big brother have enough info about us already or does it need even more help?

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