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WEB & TECH / OCT. 14, 2013
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The Beauty of Twitter

A lot of us are musicians, artists, writers, people who want to show our work to people that care but, most importantly, people that matter. How wonderful would something be where you had the chance to show yourself off to people in the same field as you? How wonderful would exposing that art, that music, that writing, to people who are of importance but doing it in a non-stressful way? No trailing through websites and e-mailing, no worrying about dear sir, dear madam. Well, something has arrived, it's been here for a while but it's getting bigger, better and more useful. Its name...Twitter.

Founded in 2006 by Jack Dorsey, the social networking tool is quickly becoming one of the best ways to market yourself. If you’re a writer you have the opportunity to follow fellow writers, literary agencies, publishers, not just to see their tweets and other opportunities, but to show your own talents. With only 140 characters, your tweets are forced to be punchier. You’re forced to give that snippet of yourself – and your work – in a smaller amount, which will work to your advantage. There is no temptation to enter a long monologue about yourself; sometimes a strict barrier is what is needed to get the point across. Of course Twitter is not just for writers, it's for anyone - all you have to do is follow the right people and look out for the right things. 

The beauty of Twitter is that you can attach some of your favourite actors, actresses, writers, businessmen and women, presenters, artists into posts with your work, your website, and your Youtube channel. Of course, this is assuming they have Twitter but Twitter – becoming bigger and more popular – means that a lot of people have it and use it as a marketing tool.  The beauty of Twitter is, most importantly, it's so easy. You can enjoy Twitter, you can interact, be humorous, imaginative and creative. The list goes on. 

In a sense, those of us that are in this position – the position of wanting to show our talents off to people – are lucky to have such a tool that connects somebody famous to somebody who wants to be famous or somebody you admire, whose work you love. There are many articles out there about making money on Twitter or being noticed but I wanted to show is that Twitter – this social networking site – is, in fact, a revelation, an opportunity, and not to be missed.

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