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WORKPLACE / OCT. 18, 2015
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The Benefit of Having Plants in Your Workplace

Do plants really matter? Well, by the time you’ve finished reading this article, you’ll definitely want to add a plant to your workplace. At work, we want to be productive, happy, healthy and motivated. The best way for your employees to be like this? Plants. It’s also cheap and easy to implement. Plants and flowers have a magical way to improve our workspace.

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Here are some of the fascinating benefits of having plants in your workplace.

1. They Reduce Stress

Stress – everyone who works suffers from it for one reason or another. Working in a messy environment can really affect your stress levels. Adding a plant makes your office appear neater and tidier, which will help to reduce your stress levels. Depending on the type of plant you choose, it can make your environment feel more relaxing, restful and calm. You’ll find that soon enough, you will feel this way too. We all know that spending time in nature reduces stress levels – so why not bring nature to our offices?

2. They Increase Your Productivity

An increase in productivity is one of the main benefits of having plants in your workplace. One of the things we hear about productivity is that the people who are successful at this have regular breaks. Now you can have the best of both worlds by taking a break and tending to your plant at the same time. This will make you feel calmer, while it will also help you to feel more focused and concentrated, which will help improve your productivity.

Don’t believe it? According to a study carried out by a University in Australia offices containing plants can actually increase employee productivity by up to 15 percent. A quote from the survey said: “The findings suggest that investing in landscaping an office will pay off through an increase in office workers’ quality of life and productivity.”

3. Your Environment Will Be Better to Work In

Picture two offices in your mind – one filled with greenery and the other without. Which one do you think would be a better environment to work in? It’s no surprise that most people would prefer to work in an environment with plants in. As workers, one of the most important things is for us to enjoy the room that we work in, and for others to enjoy it too. Plants will provide a welcoming place for visitors and also make you feel better about the place you work in too.

4. The Air Will Be Cleaner

Sure, plants look pretty – but do they actually improve the quality of air? There are a lot of reasons to suggest that yes, they can. Plants work to absorb bad toxins in the air through pores that appear on the surface of their leaves. Remember learning photosynthesis at school? This is the skill that allows plants to convert light energy and carbon dioxide into something that fuels their growth.

But plants can also target a number of other toxins in the air that can cause nausea, asthma and the common cold that we all get around Fall. These come from plastics like office furniture, and fabrics such as carpets. Plants can help kill off these common indoor air toxins.

5. Noise Will Be Reduced

Noise is a constant feature in most buildings, generated by lots of things going on in our day-to-day working lives. Sometimes, this noise can be disruptive, making us lose our concentration and reducing privacy. But believe it or not, a less known advantage of having plants in your office is the reduction in noise levels.

Plants have the ability to absorb and reflect sound. Many factors depend on the strength of this, including the type of plant, it’s size and its shape, to name a few. Large containers and several small displays help this to have the biggest effect. But they can all help reduce noise.

6. You Will Look Healthier

We already know that nature makes us feel better – but did you know it can make you look better too? Several studies have found that plants improve reaction times, lower blood pressure, lower levels of anxiety and improve dry skin. It makes sense – we’re surrounded by plants at various special occasions and we also associate many memories with the smell of plants and flowers. So if we feel good around them, it’s no wonder we look good around them too.

7. You’ll Be Much More Positive

Keeping plants around the office really does make you feel much more positive and happy. They make you feel secure and relaxed – it’s why so many people take up gardening as a hobby. Natural beauty in the form of nature is very soothing and a great way to lower your levels of anxiety. They also help you to achieve a much more optimistic outlook on your life, helping you to feel much more content with where you are right now. Self-reflection is something important that a lot of us fail to do, but it seems that plants can change that for us.

8. You'll Be Happier at Work

Which means there will be fewer absences. Plants will make you feel more satisfied at work, which means that you won’t hate every minute between 9 and 5. That also means you’ll be less likely to take a sick day – and all because of a bit of greenery.

9. Which Plant to Pick?


Picking the right plant for your office is really important to make sure you can see all of these benefits. There are many different plants you can choose from that will thrive in your workspace environment:

  • Bamboo
  • Basil
  • Honeysuckle
  • Jasmine
  • Lavendar
  • Minature roses
  • Peppermint
  • English Ivy
  • Spider plant
  • Cactus plants
  • Boston ferns
  • African violet
  • Peace lily

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You’ll only see all of these benefits if you properly care for your plant, so try and do so as best you can. Killing your plant might in fact have very negative effects on both your mood and your productivity. Choosing a plant that needs full sunlight isn’t the best option. You’re best off choosing low-light, shade-friendly plants. An office plant that isn’t looked after can become a health hazard, full of pests and decay. If the plant becomes unhealthy, then so can you. But we are certain that your plant will look so pretty and you’ll be complimented so much that you’ll be inspired to look after it properly.

There’s something about plants that makes us feel good. Maybe we can’t always pinpoint the direct answer, but we can definitely feel the difference that plants make for us. Whenever you walk into somewhere that has plants, you notice them instantly. Even that first sight is enough to sooth your pounding head after a long day at work. But since we’re inside all the time as workers, we need that greenery throughout the day to help us feel in touch with nature, since we have such a connection to it.

Would you rather be surrounded by cream and white walls, or by plants? I think this has finally given you the answer and trust me – it won’t be the last you hear of the benefits plants have on us. Now you’ve got the chance to explore this in your own office with your colleagues. Start with one, and then gradually build it up, so there’s a lovely plant on every desk.

So let’s be honest – you’re definitely going to get a plant for your workspace now, aren’t you?

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