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The Benefits of Google+ for Your Business

Google+ has been lauded as the failed social media network. It’s never quite taken off like people expected it to. This has led a lot of people to abandon it completely. Hold it right there, though. There’s no reason why you have to forget about it completely. In fact, for a business, this would be a mistake. Here are some of the primary benefits of Google+ for your business.

Authorship Change

On June 25 2014 John Mueller from Google announced that author headshots wouldn’t appear in the search engine rankings any longer. Don’t make the mistake of assuming this meant the end of Authorship. It’s still there. Rather than clicking on a profile picture, you now click on an author name to find out about what else they’ve written.

Authorship isn’t going away. It’s just evolving, so it’s still important to brand your business’s content in this way.

Precision and Tumbleweeds

It would be easy to see Google+ as a ghost town because you don’t have the usual light-hearted and random remarks you get on Facebook. This is because Google+ is about precision. It’s about highly targeted audiences. This makes it a more precise social media network than any other.

Businesses will still find this useful for:

  • Meeting new people.
  • Connecting with potential customers.
  • Enhancing current relationships and deepening them.

The fact is Google+ still has a higher engagement level than both Twitter and Facebook. Google+ can still give you those meaningful relationships you’re looking for.

Tapping those Circles

Google Circles enable you to find people who’re going to be interested in your content. As long as you fill out your profile and make it as detailed as possible, you’re going to discover that you have a wonderful opportunity to hand-pick a specific audience. Rather than using a machine gun to hopefully hit the right people, you’re going to be looking through the sights of a sniper rifle.

Now you can target people who’re only interested in a specific service your company offers. For a business looking to enhance their marketing prospects, they have the chance to get the most for their money. They know their messages will only hit the people they want.

You can also do the same thing by targeting Google communities and hangouts. This is the same as circles, except you can actively engage with the community, rather than hoping people find your business first.

Google+ Indexing

Google+ content is published and indexed immediately by Google. This means that you don’t have to wait to see the benefits of your new content. On the other hand, it could take days to see the same content indexed elsewhere. You’re always running slowly. By expanding to Google+, you’re getting instant benefits.

It is important to remember that because Google+ is owned by Google the SEO benefits of this social media platform are greater than any other. Any quality content that is indexed in Google+ immediately starts improving your search engine rankings.

Circles and Authorship

Look at the current version of Authorship on the Google search results. You’ll see that next to the author’s name you’ll get a number for how many circles on Google+ they’re active in. This is better for any business looking to gain exposure, and here are some of the reasons why:

  • The number of circles you have is the equivalent of having a specific number of recommendations.
  • The more circles you have the further your content will reach. More users equals more potential customers.
  • You have a stronger online presence.
  • Circles allow you an increasing number of opportunities to build business relationships and generate leads.

Overall, whilst Google+ isn’t the most exciting social media network in the world, it still has some worth. It’s easy to see that you can still glean a range of benefits as a business from working with it.

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