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CVS / FEB. 07, 2015
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The Best Resume Cheat Sheet [Infographic]

In order to make your resume as powerful as possible, you need to be able to sell your key strengths appropriately. Your employers’ first impression of your name is accomplished with your resume. As such it is vital that you choose the right set of words and phrases in your resume that can give out a dose of professionalism and integrity.

This infographic from Business News Daily offers you a resume cheat sheet to help you power up your resume and impress employers. As you can see, it provides some very useful tips on what needs to be included in your resume such as catchy phrases and action verbs to use when describing your skills and qualities. 

Useful tips from the infographic:

  • Use action words such as illustrates, motivates, influences, improves, oversees, etc.
  • Avoid words such as tries, loves, responsibilities include, objectives etc.
  • Use professional fonts when writing your resume such as Arial, Georgia or Times New Roman.

Learn how you can best describe your key skills on your resume using the phrases proposed by this infographic!

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