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The Biggest Job Likes and Gripes of Employees

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There used to be a time when people thought of work as what you have to do to get paid at the end of the month; it was simply a means to an end. However, this assumption no longer stands as we’ve now realized that success takes a lot more than just expecting employees to show up. With competition in the marketplace growing ever so fierce, we’ve come to understand that, in order for a company to get ahead, employees need to be engaged with their work.

Companies are now more involved with finding ways to engage employees. In fact, almost 80% of employers believe that finding ways to retain and engage employees is highly important. And they’re right: with millennials now being the largest generation in the workforce, it’s of utmost importance to provide employees with meaningful employment.

However, much as employers try to find ways to make employees happy, the reality is that any employee would tell you that a happy workplace is one where you can find the first three things on the list below and where you can’t find the last three.

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What Employees Like

1. Great Colleagues

There’s one thing that every employee needs in his or her workplace, and that’s to have at least one friend. Employees who have friends at work are more productive which is why it’s important for employers to promote teamwork and office culture.

2. Good Benefits

Major companies like Google, Facebook and Yahoo! know that, in order to hire talent, you need to lure them in; and to do that, you need to provide them with a benefits package that they won’t be able to resist. Employees who have perks at work tend to be more loyal to their companies while they also find their work to be more enjoyable.

3. Flexible Work Schedule

Companies around the world have begun saying their farewells to the traditional 9-to-5, and that’s because people have begun realizing that not everyone is productive between 9 and 5. Employees tend to prefer flexible work schedules because they offer them with the opportunity to better manage their lives.

What Employees Don’t Like

1. Few Career Opportunities

Employees who are determined to succeed in their careers require advancement opportunities. The possibility of such an opportunity makes them more driven and more motivated which essentially means that they are willing to invest more in their work. An employee who’s looking to climb the corporate ladder is an employee worth keeping as he could take your business to a whole new level.

2. Annoying Colleagues

The bane of every employee’s existence is to be forced to coexist with annoying colleagues for a minimum of eight hours a day. Employees who don’t play well together because they dislike each other are rarely productive.

3. Poor Company Culture

A company’s culture is defined by the visions and the beliefs a company has. Companies who don’t share their vision with their employees usually make dull places to work in, and employees become unengaged.

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Employees require happy workplaces in order to be happy, and a happy workplace is one that makes a second family for all its employees.

What do you like most in your workplace? And what do you dislike most? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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