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Civil Service of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Bukhara

The civil service of the Republic of Uzbekistan (more commonly referred to as Uzbekistan) essentially extends to all government based employment, which provides assistance and support to the public. Civil service employment is often known as public sector employment, however the types of employment covered under this scope varies from one country to another. For example, some countries so not include the healthcare system within public sector employment, while others do.

With regards to Uzbekistan, the legal basis for the civil service stipulates that every citizen in Uzbekistan has the right to equal employment opportunities and labor conditions, of which most civil service employers strive to provide. Overall, civil service employment must comply with government rules and labor codes.

Obtaining a job in the civil service can be difficult without the necessary skills, experience or educational qualifications. Employees in this public sector industry are referred to as civil servants and work to salary scales and promotion tracks as designed by the relevant government department. In Uzbekistan, the recruitment and selection of individuals to civil servant positions is not based on merit. This also extends to promotion opportunities in civil service positions.

Typically, Uzbekistan civil servants have employment appraisals every 3-5 years depending on their seniority, length of service and type of position they hold. There are also ongoing reviews and assessments, which take place in governmental organizations and departments to account for the needs of new budgets, downsizing of staff and restructuring of inter governmental departments.

Salary packages are usually determined according to the professional grade and category of the individual employee. This means that salaries may vary according to the individual’s level of education, experience and qualifications. Salary packages also differ depending on whether the employee is full time or part time and the number of hours they work.

Training of Uzbekistan civil servants is taken very seriously, as the need to continuously upgrade and improve employee skills and knowledge is essential to the successful operation of public sector departments. Regular training programs and courses are provided for civil servants, which can range from knowledge based academic teaching classes to information-based workshops.

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