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The Dangers of Skype

Skype is a popular tool that is downloaded onto a computer, laptop or tablet and used to communicate with people virtually in a real-time setting. You can make voice only calls or video calls, and provided both internet connections are strong, communication is very straightforward.

However as Skype becomes more and more popular, many recruiters are beginning to see the dangers associated with using such a service.

These include:

Over-exposure of your company

If you use Skype to communicate with business partners or potential associates, be warned. When doing so, these people are likely to view the surroundings of your business. So make sure the background is presentable, organised and doesn’t expose too much information about your company or the people that work for you.

In one example, an argument erupted between two employees. The potential client witnessed the argument, before the conversation was drawn to an abrupt close.

Cross-cultural issues

In Japan, when in any meeting or interview, it is essential for Japanese people to be able to see the hands of the individual before them. This is because being able to see one’s hands is a sign that you are not hiding anything.

With Skype, this is very difficult to achieve, so business relations can be easily damaged when using Skype. 

Tax issues

Although the current economic crisis is hindering any tax associations, Congress are reviewing ways to charged Skype users for taxes that would have been paid if another service had been used. So there are potential cost implications to bear in mind.

Using it for leisure

If you have enabled Skype access across the company, some of your employees might take advantage. Many people end up using Skype as a way to chat to one another, while others go one step further by adding friends and family.

The best way around this is to monitor usage, but employees may still try to take advantage where possible.



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