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The Dynamic Nature of Job Recruiting Trends

The mobile phone has invaded almost every aspect of our lives, with apps coming out of our ears on almost any topic under the sun from Angry Birds to bird species found in local parks to doctors on call and on and on ad infinitum. Technology has invaded the jobs search realm as well, and your mobile device might be the next secret weapon for dealing with the dynamic landscape of the hiring process.

In the words of Alex Douzet, CEO and co-founder at The Ladders: “The job-search evolution from the Web to mobile devices could be as significant as the transition from print classifieds to online job postings.” Experts at the International Data Corporation estimate that Internet access via mobile devices will surpass PCs by the year 2015. Mobile phones have their own particular edge for both employers and job seekers because they bring convenience and immediacy to the hiring process.

The Dynamic Nature of Job Recruiting Trends

Bob Dylan once sang about the times and how they are “a changing,” and as far as the job recruitment sector goes, he didn’t even know how right he was. Any job seeker today must educate him or herself about the changes in recruitment procedures. A recent study conducted by Jobvite confirmed that 93% of recruiters consider a candidate’s social media presence as part of the hiring decision. This percentage has risen sharply from 78% only five years ago!

How does the mobile phone improve the hiring process?

Those who utilize mobile technology have speed and convenience on their side since they can apply for jobs as soon as they are posted online. A mobile phone can help the sincere job seeker by targeting leads that can be sent directly into a user’s phone from mobile-optimized websites. Mobile apps can also do much to shorten the long application process by providing for an instant connection with a potential employer and eliminating much of the hoop-jumping that usually accompanies setting up an interview.

Never stop the job search

Always remember that looking for a job is and always has been a full time endeavor. No mobile phone app can ever change that, but having a tool that can help you leverage mobile technology to both evaluate and pursue job listings the moment they become available cannot be underestimated. There is no substitute for the ability to search constantly from virtually anywhere in the world at any time.

Some things along the job search landscape will never change, no matter how advanced the search becomes. For example, the importance of a strong cover letter that speaks of relevant skills and aptitudes. Along these same lines, there is the importance of follow-up/thank-you notes sent by email, ideally within 24 hours of an interview. Remember to add in this note any points that might not have been covered in the interview and how you would approach these issues. Employers like thinkers and those that do a little more than expected.  

So create your own job strategy based on all the tools you have at your disposal. Don’t give up but do keep at it.

Good things will come from all your efforts.

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