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SALARIES / DEC. 27, 2012
version 21, draft 21

The Executive has Discussed in First Reading a Draft Law on the Pay of the Teaching Staff in 2011

Colegiu Samuel Von Brukenthal Sibiu Romania

Executive Meeting from 31.03.2011

The Executive has discussed in first reading a draft law that will set in 2011 for each teaching position, the salary and its calculation for teaching staff and ancillary staff .
The document will be submitted for approval to the Economic and Social Council (ESC) and, subsequently, the Government will make the final decision of promoting it in Parliament, under one of the forms provided by the Constitution, Prime Minister Emil Boc has stated at the end of today’s Executive meeting.

Head of the Executive has explained the need for such measure now by the fact that the courts have issued decisions which vary in contents on a 50% wage increase for teaching staff, decided by Parliament in 2008 and subsequently repealed. "Parliament passed a law in 2008 to increase teacher salaries by 50%. Tariceanu Cabinet issued an emergency ordinance that limited the teachers' pay increases only to 17%. (...) Following the declaration of unconstitutionality of this ordinance issued by Tariceanu Cabinet , non-unitary court practices have emerged over time. In some courts, people received a reclassification of pay, keeping the wages increased by 50%, in other courts no (...). And the new pay that we adopted last year provided that the gross wage in October is increased by 15%, as was valid for all state employees (...). In Romania, at present, there are categories of teachers who, on the one hand, have wages increased by 50% plus 15% (...) and on the other hand, there are very many teachers who have not (...) salary increased by 50%, but with this 17% (. ..). In these conditions, in Romania, it is necessary, in the unitary wage enforcement, to come up with a draft law and say very clearly that this is what we can afford to pay for teachers now: 17% increase from 2008 plus the 15% increase granted to all state employees to gross salary in October " Prime Minister has detailed.

Prime Minister has noted that to cover the costs related to teachers' salaries’ rise by 50%, there would be needed only for the current year, an additional fiscal effort of around EUR 500 million, money that Romania does not have. "The key to increasing wages and pensions is in the economy. And, therefore, the effort focuses to reach economic growth over the ensuing period, that we all want after this difficult period in 2009 and 2010" , Head of the Executive has stated.

Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, Daniel Funeriu has outlined that he discussed about the usefulness of the legislative act with trade union leaders and with members of the social dialogue group at the level of field Ministry. „Discussions have been useful since they showed me very clear the need to adopt a legislative act to have equity in the education system.(...). There are always unclear things which will be clarified by this legislative act”, Minister Funeriu has stated.
The Education Minister has stated that the legislative act adopted by the Executive in first redaing sets for each teaching position, the salary and the way to calculate it. „Therefore, further to this law, the vast majority of the teaching staff will have the same salaries as those in payment, in January and February 2011. (...). They will have the same salaries as their collaegues from other counties in Romania”, Minister of Education has stated.

The rise by 50 percent in salaries was won in the court by 10.000 – 13.000 teachers, the majority from Botosani and Suceava counties, from the total of 306.000 teaching staff and ancillary staff from the public education system. „There are many teachers who did not win these rights. Consequently, the non –unitary practice existing at the level of the country generates these unequities which must be stopped through a legislative act that will speak about each teaching position and the related salary”, Minister has outlined.

The situations generated by the court’s decisions have led some counties to the impossibility of paying salaries by local authorities, although funds from VAT recouped share were allocated on the basis of a calculation related to the standard cost per pupil. „All the counties of the country fit these standard costs per pupil, for the payment on time of salaries, without problems, less there, where there were rulings, as the employment was on increased salaries”, Minsiter Funeriu has stated.

Answering a question, the Education Minister has stated that „ it is out of question not to observe rulings in Romania”. According to Minister Funeriu, the unconstitutionality problems with respect to legislative acts on the teaching staff pay were caused by the fact that these did not have law power and they were emergency ordinances.

Issuer: Government of Romania – Press office

Date: 04.04.2011



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