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The Funniest Resumes of All Time

There are just some resumes that it’s simply impossible not to laugh at. In an attempt to be funny and likeable, job candidates end up making a total fool out of themselves without realising it could cost them a job. Essentially, what they’re doing wrong is that they’re trying so hard to sound funny to convince employers to give them the job that they fall right into the trap of making important mistakes that hinder their success.

The most obvious ones are of course spelling and grammar, as well as exaggerating. Even though they might be putting some real effort into their resumes, most candidates don’t spend enough time on reviewing them and, as such, set themselves up for disaster. Editing and reviewing your resume is crucial to making the most of your one-time opportunity of contacting potential employers with the hope to show just how professional and valuable you are.

But that doesn’t mean taking the funny approach to applying for a job won’t work. In fact, you can add humor to your resume in order to give employers a glimpse of your personality, but it should be done in a way that brings value to your profile, not by sabotaging your job hunting efforts. A good funny resume is one that entertains employers in the right way, making them believe that you can be part of their team. In some cases though, this can backfire, and instead of being humorous, you might end up looking incompetent, ridiculous and not at all professional.

Julie Walraven, resume expert and owner of Design Resumes, says that she spends an average of six hours creating a resume. And that’s only for an entry-level position. Once, when she had to produce one for an executive level client, she said that she needed nearly 14 hours to finish it. What does this tell you? If a professional resume writer needs so many hours to create and edit a resume, how much time do you think you should you be spending on yours?

If you are considering incorporating funny elements into your resume, you first need to think about if it’s going straight into the ‘Bad Funny’ resume pile or the ‘Good Funny’ pile. If it helps, you can get a friend to review your resume just to be on the safe side.

Writing up a resume is just as important as showing up on a job interview. Unless you don’t want to say goodbye to what must have been your only chance to getting hired, you need to take it more seriously.

Here are some examples of the funniest resumes of all time job seekers have put on their resumes that include unfortunate gaffes, typos, and other important mistakes that should give you some guidelines as to what to avoid doing when creating yours.

#1 My Little (Pony) Resume


There must be an element of uniqueness in presenting yourself as a pony on your resume. So I really have to give it to Joseph for his incredible attempt at showcasing his originality and creativity. Even though he’s applying for a job in the tech world, Joseph lists his skills, experience and interests in an interestingly and humorous way using horse metaphors and cool pony images. To be honest, this is one of the best good and funny resume examples that I’ve seen around. But as much as he seems to love horses, Joseph is highly unlikely to be getting a job offer anytime soon since this resume only questions his fitness in an organisation’s company culture.

#2 Just Give Me a Job


I just love the minimalistic approach to this document, err… resume. I mean, why go into too much trouble when you can create a simply cut resume that gets straight to the point? However, this guy doesn’t seem to be too bothered about getting a job, so why would employers hire him? Even if a bachelor’s degree was the only requirement for a job vacancy, no employer in their right mind would ever hire him. Note: the fact that he included his email address is just priceless.

#3 The ‘I Am Your Man’ Resume

Roanald must be one of the most confident and positive job seekers out there. While applying for a managerial position would require from him an analytical report of past work history and a strong professional background, he decides to get off the boring side of a resume write-up, towards getting a little more creative and funnier. With a bold badass attitude he presents his own ‘facts’, overestimating his abilities so much so as to implying that he already got the job!

#4 Please Excuse My Handwriting

This resume shouts it out loud: no need to be professional, no need to waste any of my printer ink! Not only is it hilarious, it also looks like a desperate move to getting a job. I mean, how could anyone assume that this badly handwritten document could come anywhere near to being even considered a resume?

#5 The Best Employee for the Summer

This jobseeker is just painfully honest.  But he seems to possess some pretty unique skills, so why not hire him, right? After all, he is a “good person with a good soul” and he’s prepared to work hard for the job… but only for the summer.

#6 The Underaged

No wonder this guy never got the chance to meet the people offering the job. Those spelling mistakes are simply unforgiveable, even for someone who’s still in school! But I have to admit I was really impressed with his career objective statement. Isn’t that what everybody wants? Spot on.

#7 The Dealer


This job candidate started out quite promising but as soon as he started describing his work experience, he quickly messed it all up. Being a marijuana dealer isn’t something that you want to brag about on your resume or anything to be proud of. I mean, you do get to develop valuable skills such as handling money, but that is simply not something you should boast about. Why do this to yourself? Well, as it turns out, he did learn a valuable life lesson… to never do it again.

#8 The Just Ruler


While this was a hopeful good funny resume, it only gave potential employers a good reason why they shouldn’t hire the owner. Even though he got the resume sections right, something had gone terribly wrong with the content… Could someone please explain to me how having a fast metabolism and cat-like reflexes can get someone hired?

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After going through this list, I’m pretty sure that you too strongly believe these resumes exhibit the funniest mistakes ever made by jobseekers. At this point, you can’t help but wonder… what were these people even thinking when writing up their resumes? Didn’t they realise they had zero chances in getting the job they were applying for?

Well, in order to ensure that this won’t happen to you, remember this: just like a professional chess player would say, you should “make every move count”. You too need to make every word count to create a resume that is effective, using the valuable space on the document wisely, and leaving no room for mistakes. Even if you’re going for the funny material, just make sure you review it before you send it out, if only to assess how you sound through your resume.

So, what’s the worst resume you’ve ever seen? Let me know in the comments section below!

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